Starcount Helps You Discover The Most Popular People In Social Media

Have you ever wondered who is the most popular pop star in social media? What about the most popular games of the year? Or the most popular politician in your country? In the past, there have been few ways to measure how popular one is in the social media space, but Starcount now allows you to view the popularity charts of your favorite celebrity, sports, hobbies, and many other categories all in one place.

Starcount is a newly launched service on the Web. What it does is to take the data from 11 of the most popular social networks (including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Weibo and many more), analyze and tabulate the data and rank them in various popularity charts. What results is a massive array of scoreboards spanning across a wide range of categories.

When you visit Starcount, you will be presented with tons and tons of popularity charts. From the homepage, you can check out the most popular people in each country.


You can choose to sign in with your social network account or surf anonymously. If you decide to sign in, the bottom half of the page will be populated with charts that are related to your interests. At any time, you can click on each chart to view the detail ranking. In each chart, you can view the “Today’s Chart”, or the “All Time Chart” and see how your favorite celebrity/sport team fare in their category.


Clicking on each entry will lead you to the profile of the team/brand/celebrity. Here is where it will show you why this particular brand/person can rank so well in the social media. For example, a click on the “Arsena Football Club” entry brings me to its profile page where you can see that just today alone, it has an increment of 13,133 Facebook fans and 2153 Twitter followers. As can be seen, the numbers are pretty impressive.


Using the navigation buttons in Starcount, you can also discover the hottest charts around the World, and also create your own chart with a combination of Country and Category.



What is Starcount good for?

As of all ranking charts, Starcount can be very useful for discovering stuff/people that you have not seen/known before. You will probably know that “Lady Gaga” is the most popular person in the Music category, but what about the most popular music band in Africa (or any other country)? This is the place where you can find out about them. This can also be useful if you are travelling abroad and wish to find out more about that country before you go. From here, you can zoom into the specific country chart and find out the most popular restaurant/celebrities/news etc. there.

The next stage of Starcount development will involve “Fans Chart” and “Be Discovered”. The “Fan Chart” is where the fan of the celebrities/brands and etc will be ranked as well so brands will know who is their biggest fan. New brands and marketers will be interested at the “Be Discovered” service where they can link their social media profile and start to be ranked and get discovered by others. These two features will come at a later part of this year and mid of next year.



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