Get the Most from Spotify with These Tips & Tricks

Behind that simple interface, Spotify hides tons of amazing features worth checking out. Spotify might be the core for all your music needs, but still there is a good chance you might not be using it at its full potential. Whether you are interested in getting a little social on Spotify or want to search music effectively, we have all the tips and tricks listed below to make you a Spotify pro.

Musixmatch used to be a third-party addon for Spotify that users could use to add lyrics to their songs, but now Spotify has partnered with Musixmatch to add the lyrics function right into the player’s interface. The “Lyrics” button is available right next to the song you are playing. All you have to do is play a song and click the “Lyrics” button next to it. The current lines of the song will be shown in the middle and highlighted.


You might already know about Discover Weekly, but if you are not paying attention to it, you should. Every Monday, Spotify adds a playlist of its own along with your playlists. This playlist is especially catered to your music tastes and includes songs that you may be interested in listening to. The algorithm they use is quite accurate, and according to Spotify, more than a billion songs from these playlists have already been streamed.


Searching for music using the artist, album or song name is all fine and dandy, but did you know Spotify also lets you use other terms to do smart search? For example, you can use terms like “Year:1973-1980” to find songs from this era only. There are many other terms, and you can also chain together terms to make your search even more precise. You can refer to Spotify’s advanced search guide to learn these terms.


If you want to share a song with another Spotify user, you can easily do so right from the “Share” option. Just right click on the song and select “Share” from the menu. Now navigate to the “Send To” tab and enter a username to share the song. You can also add a message along with the song if you want to.



You can also share song links with other people via email or over social media. Simply drag and drop the song from the Spotify client to the text field. You can also share by right-clicking on the song and selecting the desired link, but drag-and-drop is more intuitive. You can share songs in posts, messages, emails, and discussions or just play them in the web client.

You can control most of the Spotify features using keyboard shortcuts. Mastering all these shortcuts will surely make your music experience comfortable. You can create playlists, delete songs, control volume, control playback and much more. You can see all the keyboard shortcuts on the Spotify support page.

You can easily recover all your deleted playlists from the Spotify web interface. All you have to do is log in to Spotify and click on “Recover Playlists” in your account.


After that, select the Playlist you want to recover and click on “Restore.” The playlist will be added to your playlists area on all your devices.


You can easily view all the songs that you have ever played on Spotify. This can be handy if you forgot to add a song to your playlist and can’t seem to remember its exact name. Just open “Queue” located at the bottom and next to the song playing (it has 3 horizontal lines). Here click on “History,” and you will see all your music history.


Above are some of the ways to make your music experience better on Spotify. There is much more to discover on Spotify, so try exploring a bit to get more efficient. Do you know any other Spotify tricks to make the music experience better? Let us know in the comments below.

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