How to Create a Radio Station on Spotify and Find New Music

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Spotify is great at identifying your music preferences and suggesting new artists for you to listen to. When doing so, the app takes into account your whole music library, but what if you’re craving more specific recommendations?

Let’s imagine you’ve been listening to a certain track extensively for the last week, and you’d like to hear similar tracks. Tapping into Spotify’s usual recommendations won’t do because they cover your entire musical palette. Here’s where Spotify Radio comes in. The functionality allows users to create more targeted playlists based on a song, album, playlist or even artist.

As with a real radio station, you never know what Spotify will play next when you’re using Radio, which makes it a great tool for music discovery. If you haven’t used Spotify Radio before, this article looks at how you can take advantage of this functionality on mobile and the web client.

How to Create a Spotify Radio Station on Android

Users can create Spotify Radio stations from within Spotify’s Android app. Alternatively, there’s also the standalone Spotify Stations app, which is focused solely on radio station creation. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to use the Spotify app.

1. Open Spotify on your Android device.

2. Select a song, album, playlist or artist. It can be a tune or artist from your library, or you can simply and quickly search for it right then and there.

3. Locate the three-dot menu that’s usually located in the upper-right corner of the display or next to the song’s name and tap on it.

Spotify Radio Station Song Three Dot Menu

4. Depending on your selection in step #2, tap on one of the following options: “Go to Song/Album/Playlist/Artist Radio.”

Spotify Radio Station Go To Song Radio

5. Spotify will create a playlist of songs inspired by the song/album/playlist/artist you’ve selected.

Spotify Radio Station Song Radio Station View

If you start a radio station from a song or an artist, Spotify will create a playlist of 50 tracks, which will be played in the same order, unless you choose to shuffle.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy an endless Radio playlist, launch a radio station from a Playlist. You’ll notice the “More songs load as you listen” indicator if you scroll down at the bottom of the playlist.

Spotify Radio Station Go To Playstation Radio

In addition, you can follow a playlist and download it for later offline listening with a Spotify Premium account.

How to Create a Spotify Radio Station on Desktop

To take full advantage of Spotify Radio on your PC, you’ll need to use the service’s desktop client, instead of just accessing it from within your browser

1. Open Spotify on your desktop computer.

2. Navigate to a song, album, playlist or artist. Find the horizontal three-dot menu next to the green “Play” button and click on it.

Spotify Radio Station Desktop Enable Artist Radio Station

3. Select “Go to Song/Album/Playlist/Artist Radio” from there.

4. Spotify will create a new playlist for you within seconds.

Spotify Radio Station Desktop Album Radio Station View

Just like before, if you’re looking for an endless Radio playlist, use the option to create a station from a playlist.

Spotify Radio Station Desktop Playlist Radio View

Once the playlist has been created, click on the three-dot menu next to the Download button and select the “Add to Your Library” option to save the station to your library.

If you’re an active Spotify user perhaps you’d like to learn a few additional tricks to improve your overall experience with the service. If so, check out how to manage your downloaded Spotify music and move it to an SD card or read all about how you can save data usage while streaming music.

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