How to Split Your Screen in Windows 10

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When using your computer, there are times that one screen is not enough. You may need one screen to type something and another to read from. Sure, you could buy another monitor, but what if your current monitor is big enough?

If you have space, all you have to do is know how to get the most of it. Windows 10 has some great options that allow you to split your screen into various sections and only use your keyboard to move the windows around.

Split Workload Between Virtual Desktops

This may not technically be splitting your screen, but rather separating and expanding it across multiple screens. It’s a great foundation for our subsequent tips that will show you how to snap windows and split your screen.

Spit Screen Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

In Windows 10, you can create multiple virtual desktops, which is a great way of dividing your windows and apps, within which you can further split things up. Press Win + Tab to go to Task View, then the “+” icon at the top of the screen.

You can now drag your open windows to the new desktop, splitting your workload as if you had two monitors. You can quickly switch between the two desktops using Ctrl + Win + right or left arrow, and within that you can further split your windows, as we show below.

How to Enable Snap Assist

The feature that makes splitting possible is Snap Assist. If you’re not sure if you have it enabled, press the Win and I keys to open Settings. When the Settings window appears, go to System and then Multitasking.

Snap On

The option should be on by default, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. Maybe you turned it off for some reason (or someone else did).

How to Split Your Screen into Two Windows

The side-by-side method will require the use of your mouse. Choose the windows you want and use the Win and left/right keys to decide which window goes on each side.

When one window is set on one side, and you see various available windows on the other side, use the arrow keys to move from one window to another. Press Enter to choose a window. You can also use the Win + Down arrow to dismiss a window and choose a different one.

Split Two

How to Split Your Screen into Four Windows

For the times three windows aren’t enough, it’s possible to have four windows open. One way to do this is by having the four windows open, and with the mouse, manually adjusting to the size you want them to be. Drag each window to their respective corners.

Snap Four

The previous method required that you use the right/left arrows, but with this method you will be using the up/down arrows. Adjust the size for the windows without moving them anywhere, and use the Win and Up/Down keys to place them where you want. You may want to play around with them until you get the hang of it.

If you have two windows open side by side, click on one and press the Win and Down arrow keys. The window will stay in the bottom-left corner, and the remaining open window will appear. The one you choose will take the size of the empty space. Repeat the process with the other remaining window.

It’s also possible to make one window bigger than the other. Just place the cursor on the corner of the window and adjust it. Adjust the other windows to suit your needs.

It’s a lot more comfortable to split the screen than to have various monitors around you. That way you don’t have to move your head to the sides as much. For more ways to smooth out your Windows 10 experience, see our list of the best ebook readers for Windows 10 and our guide on how to remove old drivers in Windows 10.


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