Easily Split PDF Files on Mac OS X [Quick Tips]

How to Split PDF Files Using Preview on Your Mac

PDF is a widely used format for documents that are meant to be read-only and not to be edited. However, there are instances where you will want to split a PDF file into two or more separate documents. Here is how you can split PDF files on your Mac using the Preview app.

Split PDF Files Using Preview

1. Open the PDF file you wish to split with the Preview app.


2. When the file launches in the Preview app, you should be able to see the file’s pages in the sidebar of the app.

Now, what you need to do is select the pages that you want to rip from the entire PDF file. You can simply click on a page in the sidebar, and it will be selected. If you wish to have multiple pages, you can hold down the Command key on your keyboard and select as many pages as you want.

3. Drag and drop the selected page onto your desktop or a folder in the Finder. It will create a new PDF file that only contains the pages you have dragged and dropped from the Preview app.


4. The resulting file is an independent PDF file, and it is not associated with its original file in any form. You can now open this newly created PDF file using any of the PDF readers on your Mac, and it should work just fine like any other PDF files.



If you have a PDF file that contains a lot of pages, but all you need from it is a couple of pages, you can use the above method to split it into various pages using the Preview app.

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