Split And Merge PDF Files With PDF-Shuffler [Linux]

If you have two or more Words documents, you can easily open them in any Office suite and cut/paste the content to split or merge them. What about PDF files? If you have several PDF files that you want to merge together, how can you do it with the same ease? In Linux, PDF-Shuffler is the answer.

PDF-Shuffler is the frontend interface for pyPdf. pyPdf is a PDF toolkit built with pure-python library. It is capable of extracting document information, splitting and merging documents, cropping pages, encrypting and decrypting PDF files. PDF-Shuffler merely make use of the splitting and merging functionality of pyPdf and turn itself into an easy to use and useful application.

In Debian-based distro, you can install it via:

sudo apt-get install pdfshuffler

In Ubuntu, you have the extra option of installing it via the Ubuntu Software Center. Alternatively, you can grab the deb file from Sourceforge and install it in your system.


The usage is easy. Open PDF-Shuffler. Click the “Import pdf” button to load your PDF file(s).


Once you have loaded the PDF file, you can drag the individual pages to arrange them or to highlight any pages and press the “Delete page(s)” button to delete them from the file. You can also import in other PDF files that you want to merge with the current document.


When you are done with your editing, you just have to click the “Export pdf” button to save your work. That’s it. Didn’t I say it is easy to use?

A point to note

While using the “export” function, I have difficulty getting it to work. The window just stand still and not doing anything. it took me several attempts to finally save my work. A quick research shows that there is some issue with the pyPdf export functionality, but apparently, very few people have this issue, so it could just be me.


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