Sony Announces Acquisition Leading to PlayStation Studios Mobile Division

You could be playing your favorite PS4 and PS5 games on your mobile soon!

Sony Playstation Studios Mobile Division Featured

Just as people have started to migrate away from their desktops to do more computing on laptops, tablets, and even phones, gaming seems as though it could be headed in that direction as well. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced an acquisition agreement that it will use to create PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

Sony Press Release Regarding Mobile Gaming

Do you look at your PS4 and PS5 games and wish you could play them on your phone? Or maybe you’re looking to have a handheld PlayStation. Mobile PlayStation gaming will soon be a reality.

Sony announced an agreement to acquire Savage Game Studios. The mobile game development studio strengthened SIE’s commitment to branching out into other platforms, which is, again, like many forms of computing, whether in multitasking, communication, entertainment, or gaming.

Sony Playstation Studios Mobile Division Phones
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“PlayStation Studios must continue to expand and diversify our offering beyond console, bringing incredible new games to more people than ever before,” said PlayStation Studios Head Hermen Hulst.

He added that the acquisition is also picking up the team at Savage and that he’s “really excited about what Savage is working on, and I’m confident they will deliver a high-quality experience.” He believes this move strengthens “PlayStation Studios’ purpose to make the best games that we can.”

The Savage team will join PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, a group that will be separate from console development. The unified goal will be to create mobile gaming for players regardless of where they happen to be, even if they are away from the front of their consoles.

Sony Playstation Studios Mobile Division Controller
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Savage will continue to run the mobile division, but other areas of the acquisition, particularly the money that will be exchanged, were not disclosed “due to contractual commitments.” A possible time frame for releases to start rolling out wasn’t released either.

How Will This Affect PlayStation Consoles?

If you’re weeping over your PS5 or PS4 right now, don’t worry. Sony isn’t abandoning the console platform, and frankly, they’d be crazy to. It’s still a booming business for them. Yet, it seems SIE wants a larger piece of the gaming pie. They want more than consoles, so they’re branching out to mobile.

As these are the early days of the acquisition, and there isn’t more than just an agreement right now (and we all know how well an agreement to buy worked for Elon Musk and Twitter), it’s too early to tell what this will mean for certain gaming titles. But the Savage team has years and years of mobile gaming development under their belts, so there could be some exciting things coming to Sony’s PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the acquisition and the eventual new mobile releases. Read on to learn how you can play your PS4 and PS5 games on your mobile.

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