TumblThree is a free and open source Tumblr blog backup application. It downloads photo, video, audio and text posts from a given Tumblr blog.


  • Multiple concurrent downloads of a single blog.
  • Multiple concurrent downloads of different blogs.
  • Internationalization support
  • A download queue.
  • Autosave of the queuelist.
  • Save, clear and restore the queuelist.
  • A clipboard monitor that detects http(s):// .tumblr.com urls in the clipboard (copy and paste) and automatically adds the blog to the bloglist.
  • A settings panel (change download location, turn preview off/on, define number of concurrent downloads, set the imagesize of downloaded pictures, set download defaults, enable portable mode, etc.).
  • Allows to set a proxy.
  • A bandwidth throttler.
  • An option to download an url list instead of the actual files.
  • Set a start time for a automatic download (e.g. during nights).
  • Uses SSL instead of unsecure http connections.
  • Preview of photos & videos.
  • Taskbar buttons and key bindings.

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