Truck is a general purpose file transfer tool – just like FTP, but faster. It doesn’t use the legacy FTP protocol, and it only uses rsync as an accelerator to achieve higher speeds.

  • Upload and download via rsync by dragging-and-dropping
  • Browse, rename, copy, move and delete remote files very quickly and easily
  • Works over a securely encrypted SSH tunnel
  • Includes rsync 3.1.2
  • Connects to any remote machine
  • Checkboxes to quickly enable rsync’s most powerful features
  • Push-update the remote system’s version of rsync
  • Advanced GUI controls to selectively tune over 125 other rsync options
  • Autocompletion and inline documentation
  • Specify when the option applies
  • Enable ‘scavenging’
  • Filter rules to include/exclude items
  • Toggle visibility of hidden files
  • Specify ‘initial paths’
  • Fine tune custom preferences
  • Save multiple Favourites
  • Detailed operation logging

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