Looper for YouTube


Have you ever wanted to watch to the same video on the YouTube without pressing replay button every time at the end of the video? With Looper for YouTube, you will get a loop button under the YouTube player. After you press the button, video will repeat itself infinitely.


  • Able to set default auto loop on every video
  • Able to set loop in a portion/range
  • Able to set loop how many time you want
  • Uses Content Script without background page >> means less memory used
  • Able to use keyboard shortcut ‘P’ to start loop
  • Set “&loop=10” in url to start loop for 10 times
  • Set “&start=00:10&end=01:00” to start loop from 10s to 1 min
  • When loop button pressed playlist auto-play will be disabled
  • Able to set “continue the playlist” after loop number of times
  • Match latest (2017) YouTube style, (Material YouTube and YouTube Gaming)
  • Translation display according to YouTube language

Software Info

NameLooper for YouTube
Supported Platforms,
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