Lines code editor


Lines is free, fast and simple but also usable source code editor for Microsoft Windows and great Notepad replacement editor.


  • Check PHP syntax errors on save
  • Customizable snippets and document templates
  • Split code editor up to 4 views
  • Integrated web browser with auto-refresh on save
  • Document tabs
  • Search current word on the web
  • User commands, external scripts
  • Console output for scripts
  • Syntax highlighting for many common languages
  • Multi document interface (MDI)
  • Search-replace dialogs with regex
  • Code folding for CSS, PHP and JavaScript files
  • Supports Unicode, UTF-8, ANSI, ASII encodings
  • Encoding converter
  • Workspace/project based file browser
  • Code export and printing support
  • Color picker with current CSS file colors
  • Duplicate line
  • Toggle comment
  • Change encoding
  • Open folder as project from explorer right click menu
  • Right click editiing of any file in explorer
  • Export project as zip file

Software Info

NameLines code editor
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