Laverna is a JavaScript note-taking web application with a Markdown editor and encryption support. It’s built to be an open source alternative to Evernote.

The application stores all your notes in your browser databases such as indexedDB or localStorage, which is good for security reasons, because only you have access to them.


  • Live markdown editing.
  • Distraction free mode.
  • Available anytime and anywhere.
  • Keep your notes private with encryption.
  • Tasks – keep simple to do lists organized in notes and notebooks.
  • Keybindings – you can manage your notes without ever lifting your hands from your keyboard.
  • Code highlighting – keep snippets of code to have access to them anytime and anywhere.
  • Import & Export – you can export your notes from Laverna and import them back anytime. You are not tied to using it forever.
  • Open source.

Software Info

Name Laverna
Supported Platforms , , ,