Inviska Rename


Inviska Rename is a batch file rename tool that allows you to give meaningful names to groups of files. It can be used for renaming music files from tags, replacing photograph names like “DSC04651.JPG” with more useful names like “Spain Holiday – 154.jpg”, renaming photos from Exif tags, and other renaming tasks.


  • Insert, remove and replace text in filename or extension.
  • Rename using music tag information, such as mp3 ID3v2 tags, FLAC tags and other audio tags.
  • Rename using Exif information from digital photographs.
  • Rename using file creation or modification date.
  • Automatically number files for easy ordering.
  • Change filename to uppercase, lowercase, title case or sentence case.
  • Filter items to be renamed based on extension, selection, files only or folders only.
  • Save common rename settings for frequent tasks.
  • Undo previous rename operation to restore original filenames.
  • Show/hide hidden files to include/exclude them from rename operations.
  • Navigate through directories in preview list to locate the files you wish to rename.
  • Easily see which filenames will be changed with highlighting of modified filenames in the preview pane.
  • View tags present in fileĀ and edit music tags before renaming.
  • Rename in any language thanks to full Unicode support.

Software Info

Name Inviska Rename
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