Ghost Commander


Ghost Commander is a file manager with two panels for the Android platform. Its development was inspired by the famous (Norton|Midnight|Total) Commander desktop applications, so if you are familiar with those great programs, you will find Ghost Commander a familiar and very convenient environment.

It has two separate panels, both of them able to show files from different locations. What does that give you? For example, when you need to copy files from one folder to another, you just select the files in one panel and the target in the other, then hit the ‘5’ key (either on the physical keyboard or on the toolbar). That’s it. No need to do such boring steps as copying the files to the clipboard, navigating to the place you want them to be copied to, pasting and then going back.


  • Browse the local file system. Navigate easily through the folders tree.
  • Save short cuts to the frequently visited folders to the favorites list (and also as icons on the system desktop).
  • Copy/move/delete/rename files and folders, create new folders.
  • Launch a file with an appropriate application (for example launch an .apk file to install an application).
  • Open a text file for editing, create new text files.
  • Open a zip archive as a folder – copy (extract) files from it.
  • Create a new zip archive, add new files to an existing one, delete files in an archive.
  • Search files by a name mask on the local file system.
  • Calculate the occupied size of files and folders, have the folders sorted by size.

Software Info

Name Ghost Commander
Supported Platforms
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