EncryptPad is an application for viewing and editing symmetrically encrypted text. Using a simple and convenient graphical and command line interface, EncryptPad provides a tool for encrypting and decrypting binary files on disk while offering effective measures for protecting information, and it uses the most widely chosen quality file format OpenPGP RFC 4880.


  • Symmetric encryption
  • Passphrase protection
  • Key file protection
  • Combination of passphrase and key file
  • Random key file generator
  • Key repository in a hidden directory in the user’s home folder
  • Path to a key file can be stored in an encrypted file
  • Encryption of binary files
  • Read only mode to prevent accidental file modification
  • UTF8 text encoding
  • Windows/Unix configurable line endings
  • Customizable passphrase generator
  • File format compatible with OpenPGP
  • Iterated and salted S2K
  • Passphrases are not kept in the memory for reuse
  • Cipher algorithms: CAST5, TripleDES, AES128, AES256
  • Hash algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512
  • Integrity protection: SHA-1
  • Compression: ZLIB, ZIP
  • Large multi-gigabyte files are supported

Software Info

Name EncryptPad
URL https://evpo.net/encryptpad/
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