Any Soft Keyboard is an on screen keyboard with multiple languages support.

This is one of the most customizable keyboards available for Android devices.

  • Multi languages keyboard support via external packages.
  • Completion dictionaries for multiple languages.
  • Completes your typed words from you contacts names (Android 2.0+).
  • Learns your typing behavior to provide next-word prediction.
  • Multi-Touch support (as in, pressing SHIFT along with other characters).
  • Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all the way up out of the keyboard).
  • Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).
  • Compact/Phablet Mode.
  • Gesture support.
  • Theme support (comes with a few built-in skins).
  • Build-in user dictionary words editor.
  • Build-in abbreviations dictionary: create shortcuts for words and sentences.
  • Utility keyboard (swipe up from space-bar):
  • Clipboard actions copy, paste, select-all, select selectively (long-press select and use arrow keys).
  • Voice input
  • Arrows

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