AMP Browser


The AMP Browser is an open source web browser based on Chromium, which accelerates web browsing by automatically loading AMP & MIP web pages. It saves bandwidth by enabling data compression, and respects privacy by blocking ads and tracking scripts.


  • automatically loading AMP & MIP web pages whenever possible,
  • highlighting AMP results in Google Search
  • switching between AMP and full-blown HTML pages on demand by clicking the thunder icon,
  • using Google AMP Cache for faster loading,
  • using Google Data Saver for less data usage,
  • using Data Saver Lo-Fi mode (no images) on very slow connections,
  • sending Save-Data request header,
  • blocking ads and tracking scripts based on URL patterns,
  • using Brotli compression,
  • showing internal pages using Material Design,
  • using a local New Tab page,
  • automatically discarding tabs on low memory,
  • throttling expensive background timers,
  • fast windows unloading,
  • enabling experimental web platform, canvas and JS features.

Software Info

NameAMP Browser
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