Learn How to Build Functional Apps and Software with the Software Engineering Mastery Bundle


Learn how to build fully-functional applications from scratch with the Software Engineering Mastery Bundle. This bundle gives you full access to seven courses that will help you master core concepts in programming to start building non-trivial programs right away.

Here’s everything that is included in this bundle:

Data structures are important when it comes to doing anything related to computers. With the huge role that data plays in today’s world, data structures allow a structured format for saving and retrieving data. All programming languages have built-in data structure commands that allow them to store data in a more efficient manner, and JavaScript is no exception. In this course you’ll learn exactly how to work with data using JavaScript.


C++ is currently the world’s most versatile general programming language and has become a developer favorite across the world. Designed as a way to deal with the shortcomings of C programming language, C++ became a force of its own, now providing the basis of design and development of many desktop systems, apps, games and so much more. So, if you want to become a serious developer, you should definitely have C++ in your arsenal, and this is the perfect course to learn this amazing language from scratch.

Ruby was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a developer who was frustrated with add-on object-oriented programming features in Python. He sought a true OOP language that would allow him to write codes that are not only easy to write but also easy to read and execute. This gave the birth to Ruby, which was designed on top of Lisp, with aspects from other high-functioning languages such as Smalltalk and Perl. In this in-depth course you’ll not only get acquainted with Ruby but also become proficient by course’s end.


Any time a developer pushes through a new piece of code, he or she is often breaking or creating bugs in the previous code. The hours that are spent trying to fix this new bug can be brutal, which is why Test Driven Development (TDD) is a great solution for any developer. TDD is the simple process of actually testing your code and your environment before you push or implement your new code. If you want to learn this brilliant and easy process, then you’ve come to the right place.

Building dynamic websites requires time and effort dedicated to coding every bit and piece of the website, which is why any time there is a new tool that promises to ease the woes of coding, developers always jump at the chance to try it. CodeIgniter is a simple open-source framework that makes coding tasks easier by providing a faster way to set up a PHP website from the ground up. This tool ensures developers can design websites that are light, fast, and dynamic, and this course will show you how to use it.


Any newbie Java Developer knows that it isn’t the easiest language to code programs and apps in, which means that building an application is a long and tedious job. The Spring Framework was designed to ease just that. Spring is an open-source application framework on the Java Platform which allows Java developers to build applications on the Java Enterprise Edition platform. Because of its complex nature, this course was designed to help make learning this amazing framework easier by breaking it down into simple and easy to understand segments.

Data structures and algorithms are the basic building blocks of any software engineering. As with most things, understanding the conceptual cornerstones are vital to becoming the best software engineer you can be. This comprehensive course takes a holistic approach to data structures and algorithms, allowing you to separate yourself from the job-searching pack.

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Software Engineering Mastery Bundle

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