How Do You Feel About Social Networks Forcing You to Download More Apps?

How Do You Feel About Social Networks Forcing You to Download More Apps?

The great thing about apps is that it’s all right there. There’s no navigating to a certain website and trying to find the right section or page of the website. With an app it’s all right there. But now social networks are forcing you to download more than just one app to access all the functions. How do you feel about social networks forcing you to download more apps?

Facebook has done it to us before, and now they’re doing it again. We used to be able to chat with our friends within the app, but then they separated it so that we had to have a separate Messenger app. And now they’re going to do that with your synced photos. Some users automatically sync the photos on their phones with Facebook. But they won’t be able to do it anymore unless they have the new Moments app. Additionally, unless you download and use that app, you will lose all those photos that you have already synced.

However, Facebook’s strategy worked. The app became the number one app in Apple’s App Store after they warned users that they’d be losing their photos. While it’s great for them, is that an okay business practice? Should social networks be able to split their functions into different apps like that? Free or not, it’s still taking up more valuable space on your device, and it does make it a hair more difficult, as now you have to jump back and forth between apps instead of doing it all within one app.

How do you feel about this practice? Are you okay with having to download different apps for all the different functions of a social network. Or does this bother you? Will you stop using a social network if it starts breaking up its services into different apps?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. When I learned that Facebook was using devious and unethical tricks to keep its app running in the background on my iPhone even when I disabled this function, I instantly deleted the app. They will have to do a lot to earn back my trust.

    (Facebook’s app exploits a loophole in iOS by playing “silent audio” to keep itself active.)

  2. Google seems to have done the same thing. I found I had many more apps on my phone than I had downloaded and they were using all my battery power. I have deleted them but now I find things like youtube don’t work without a google app, google maps needs extra assistance etc. Very annoying. Pretty soon I’ll be just back to a basic phone!

  3. While it is more convenient to have all functionality maintained within a single app, the app must still function within the restrictions of the device it is running on (such as memory). I cannot speak for specific app changes, but as a programmer I am sure that this was part of the reasoning for pushing some functionality into separate apps.

  4. I am a power pc user for more than twenty years. So I don’t use / like any social account to share my life details with others. I am not anti social but don’t like the idea to give my life information those companies make billions of dollars by selling them to my friends and advert sellers. So even they don’t share any single dollar with me. Finally I can’t decide what I am? Am the “product” or “system’s slave” ?

  5. that’s just part of the reason i stopped using that garbage! FB has been after me to come back for 9 years now, how dense can they get? i’ve set everything from FB, twitter and others as spam yet they constantly find a way to fill my in folder with this junk. like Anti Cloud…i do not, will not [ever again] use some hair brained social media junk for thousands of unknown people or companies to have access to anything about me at all…FB led to my having 2 different stalkers in 2007…not gonna happen again! any fool proof ideas on how to get these idiots out of my in folder and keep them out?

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