Do Social Media and Chat Apps Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Screenshot Notify Apps

One of the most frequently asked questions about social media and chat apps is whether they notify you when a screenshot is taken. It is dependent on the social media platform in question. Many chat apps have added the feature of disappearing messages, but have they also added the screenshot detection feature? Let’s explore various social media and chat apps to find out.

Does Instagram Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Instagram doesn’t notify the account holder when you screenshot regular posts, Reels, or IGTV videos on their profile. The same holds true for Instagram stories. However, the account holder can see that you have viewed the story. For public accounts, you can view stories anonymously using tools like

Things get interesting in Instagram Direct messages. For regular messages, Instagram will not send a notification if you take a screenshot. But if you use the disappearing messages or vanish mode feature, you need to be careful.

Within each Instagram message thread, you’ll notice a blue camera icon, which allows you to send disappearing photos and videos in one of three types: view once, allow replay, and stay in chat.

Screenshot Notify Instagram View Once

Photos and videos sent through the “View once’ and “Allow replay” methods will send a screenshot notification, and a screenshot icon will appear next to the message. However, screenshot alerts are not sent if the message is sent using the “Keep in chat” method.

Screenshot Notify Instagram View Once Screenshot 1

Similarly, if you take a screenshot in Instagram messages while Vanish mode is enabled, Instagram will notify the person. The message “[Your username] took a screenshot” will appear in the chat.

Screenshot Notify Instagram Vanish Mode

Does Facebook Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

No screenshot notification is sent, whether for Facebook posts or stories. However, as with other platforms, the creator of the story will be able to see if you view their story.

Screenshot Notify Facebook

Does Facebook Messenger Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Similarly, Facebook Messenger prefers to keep things under wraps. When you screenshot a story, message thread, secret conversation, or disappearing messages, Facebook Messenger will not send a notification.

Will WhatsApp Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, continues to adhere to the principles of Facebook and Messenger. In any area of WhatsApp, no screenshot notification is sent.

However, as expected, the story’s creator can see the viewers of the story. By disabling the read receipts feature in the WhatsApp privacy settings, you can view the WhatsApp stories anonymously

“View once,” a disappearing message feature, is also available on WhatsApp. If you’re worried about it sending screenshot notifications, you shouldn’t be. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it also does not display a screenshot notification. But you will see the “opened” label on the message indicating that the disappearing message has been viewed by the other person.

Screenshot Notify Whatsapp View Once

Will Twitter Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Microblogging site Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook. It does not notify the post’s creator or anyone else through messages that a screenshot has been taken.

Will Telegram Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

In regular conversations, Telegram does not display screenshot alerts, but if you enable the Secret chat feature, Telegram notifies the other person. Surprisingly, Telegram prevents you from taking a screenshot in the Secret chat on Android. However, if a screenshot is taken from another device, such as iOS, you will see the message “[Name] took a screenshot” in your secret conversation thread.

Screenshot Notify Telegram

Does Signal Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Signal Messenger, like WhatsApp, does not have a screenshot detection feature, whether it’s in regular messages or disappearing messages.

It does, however, allow you to prevent screenshots on Android devices by using the Screen Security feature “Privacy → Screen Security.” Please keep in mind that this only prevents screenshots on your own device; it does not prevent others from taking screenshots.

Screenshot Notify Signal

Does Snapchat Notify You When a Screenshot Is Taken?

Snapchat is the only platform that notifies creators of screenshots. This feature has been a part of Snapchat since its inception, and it continues to be.

Screenshot Notify Snapchat

However, there are workarounds for taking screenshots on Snapchat without being notified, such as taking a screen recording instead of a screenshot or taking a picture of the Snapchat photos with a different phone.

Be Careful

Except for Instagram and Snapchat, other apps do not offer screenshot alerts, so be careful and cautious about what you share on these platforms. Check out the best alternatives for WhatsApp and Facebook that respect your privacy.

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