6 Social Gaming Apps Like GamePigeon for Android Phones

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GamePigeon is considered by many to be a staple of iPhones. It’s an iOS app that can be activated in iMessage, allowing users to play games together. Despite its immense popularity, GamePigeon has not been made available on Android. If you find yourself craving a similar gaming experience on your Android phone, you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a list of the best free social gaming apps, like GamePigeon, for Android phones.

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Why Can’t I Play GamePigeon Games on Android?

GamePigeon is specifically designed for Apple’s iMessage and was actually released alongside iOS 10 a few years back. The app acts like an extension for iMessage, so it’s not compatible with Android. It includes games such as Sea Battle, 8 Ball, Darts, Cup Pong, Crazy 8, and 20 Questions.

While it’s not technically impossible to port GamePigeon to Android, the process requires advanced technical know-how, so it doesn’t constitute a viable solution for most users. The easier alternative for Android owners would be to download an app with similar functionality. Even better, you may already have such an app already installed on your phone. Check below for the best GamePigeon alternatives for Android.

1. Facebook

Most people today use the Facebook app, so you’ll be glad to hear that it’s possible to play games with friends on it. These are accessible from the Gaming tab, which is available once you press the hamburger menu from your feed. The advantage here is that you already have all of your friends in one place, so there’s no need to send invitations asking them to install a third-party app just so they can play with you. However, we need to note that not all Facebook multi-player games can be played with a friend. Some have you competing against random users.

Facebook Gaming page overview.


  • Large variety of games, including single player
  • Games are arranged in categories
  • Constantly being updated (check the “New Releases” tab)


  • Depending on the power of your phone, games may take a while to load

2. Telegram

Telegram is a popular WhatsApp alternative, so you might already have this app installed on your phone. It’s super convenient if you want to relax with a game. To play games using the app, you’ll have to add a game bot like “gamee” to a chat or a group, but that’s super easy to do. Once you have that covered, type @gamee in a chat window for a list of options to appear. Select a game and it will be shared in the chat with the other parties. Telegram does not let you play with other people, per se. Instead, each of you will play the game on your own, and your performance will be compared to the performances of the other players.

Telegram gaming side overview.


  • Provides a fun way to engage with your Telegram contacts
  • Decent selection of games
  • Additional bots can be added (also in Telegram X)


  • Gaming experience is infested with ads

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3. Plato

Plato is a third-party app that you’ll have to install on your Android device. It includes many games that GamePigeon also offers, such as 8 Ball, Darts, Dots & Boxes and more. You can play with strangers as well as friends, but bear in mind they need to have the app installed to join you. The app promotes social interactions by offering a dedicated Rooms section where you can find various spaces to interact with others.

Plato app interface overview.


  • Chat while playing the games
  • Tournaments allow you to earn in-game currency
  • Create groups with your friends on the app
  • Users have dedicated profiles that can be customized


  • Sporadic in-game freezes
  • Excessive notifications by default
  • You can’t quit a game mid-battle

4. Hago

Hago is an app that’s more geared toward chatting and creating new connections. However, it has a dedicated Game section that offers various mini games. Once you play a game with somebody on the app, the app automatically creates a direct chat between the two of you. You can also chat during the game and send emojis. Moreover, Hago hosts game events, and you can win additional rewards. The app is quite cluttered and offers so many features that it may make the experience feel quite overwhelming to first-time users.

Hago app interface overview.


  • Allows you to play games with people who are already on the app
  • Multiple chat rooms to choose from


  • Limited game collection
  • Ads can only be removed by making in-app purchases

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5. PlayJoy

PlayJoy is another third-party app that offers an interesting collection of mini games. You can play with strangers or send invites to friends who aren’t on the app. PlayJoy lets you freely chat with people on the app via the dedicated Chat app. It also features a Challenges section where you can complete quests, such as “Play 10 matches of any game,” in exchange for coins and various rewards. Coins are required to pay for gaming sessions.

Playjoy app interface overview.


  • Pleasant interface
  • You can chat with others while playing


  • A smaller selection of games compared to other apps

6. 8-Ball Pool and Similar Individual Social Game Apps

If you really want to play a specific GamePigeon game, such as 8-Ball, you can download similar individual apps on the Play Store. The same applies to almost all of the games offered by GamePigeon. Going back to 8-Ball, you can download this app and start playing against random players from all across the world. You can also log in to Facebook and invite friends to a match. Gameplay is similar in 8 Ball Pool. The best part is that this app offers additional mini games to enjoy, such as Spin and Win.

8-Ball Pool app interface overview.


  • Large variety of options to choose from
  • Games might have additional features that GamePigeon games don’t


  • You’ll have to download an app for every individual game you want to play

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other games like GamePigeon that I can play within iMessage?

Yes. If you get bored with what GamePigeon has to offer, you can install and access other games for iMessage, such as:

Alternatively, if you like texting games, we have a list you may want to check out. You can play these in iMessage as well.

The only downside here is that these are all individual games. Unlike GamePigeon, they don’t offer a library of games.

Can I use iMessages on Android?

You can use various workarounds, such as using a third-party app or Chrome extension. The first method entails having a Mac computer working as a server to relay the messages from Android to iCloud services. Various Android iMessages facilitators are available. For example, we have a tutorial that focuses on using AirMessages. However, keep in mind that these programs won’t be able to replicate a perfect iMessage experience. Features will be missing, and you won’t be able to add add-ons like GamePigeon to it.

Why is my Android heating up when I'm playing games on my phone?

Playing games usually demands much of your phone’s resources, so you may experience your device becoming hotter during prolonged gaming sessions. If you feel like your device is overheating while in-game, you may want to take a break from playing. If your device does not cool down after some time, you may want to take these steps to cool it down.

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