SnapDownloader Review: Streamline Your Video Downloads

The SnapDownloader app.

Video streaming is big business, although it’s not great if your Internet connection is poor. In these cases, downloading the video makes more sense. You can watch it later without worrying about a drop in your broadband signal. This SnapDownloader review will present an app that should help you. We show you around SnapDownloader’s interface and will give you our opinions on how the app shapes up and sum up our thoughts at the end.

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Introducing SnapDownloader

First off in our SnapDownloader review, we need to talk about its key features.

The app lets you make high-speed downloads from over 900 different websites, and you can download multiple videos at once from a range of sites. If you’re downloading from a site, you can save playlists, channels, subtitles, chapters and more. You’re even able to search the platform for videos.

If you’re after high-quality video, SnapDownloader supports up to 8K formats. You can also convert videos into a number of different file types, such as MP4, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, MOV, AVI, and more.

There are also a few neat “experience” features, too. For example, you can trim video from within the app, bulk download up to 100 videos, and set a “one-click” output format and quality to help download videos quicker than ever.

In the next section of our SnapDownloader review, we walk you though some of these features while showing your how the app works.

Using the SnapDownloader Tool

First, installing SnapDownloader is a snap. It follows the same process as other apps on your system, and you can get it up and running in seconds.

Once you open the app, you’ll see a blank interface, waiting for your input.

The SnapDownloader interface.

Using the tool is straightforward – enter a URL into the bar on the Search screen, and it will retrieve it for you. Once SnapDownloader finds a video, it will give you a few standard options and settings to choose from.

Downloading a video from SnapDownloader.

At the bottom of the screen are three further options. First, you can trim the video to your requirements.

The Trim tool in SnapDownloader.

The middle option – Schedule – is interesting, in that it lets you download the video at a set time and date.

Scheduling a download in SnapDownloader.

The Download button takes you to a dedicated screen, and it will show you a list of processing videos.

The Download process.

This whole screen takes the form of a standard “job queue.” In other words, you can see a list of current downloads, scheduled jobs, and completed video downloads.

It’s all quick and simple. From install to completed download took around two minutes, and that includes downloading the app itself and entering in our license key.

SnapDownloader’s Settings Screens

There are four screens within SnapDownloader to customize the experience. The General screen lets you update the software, specify a download location, and set the number of parallel downloads.

SnapDownloader's General Settings.

The Configuration screen lets you customize how you use the app. For example, you can adjust your notification settings, bypass any HTTPS connections that may hamper your download, and more.

The Configuration Settings screen.

The Downloads screen has more to do with how your organize downloaded videos rather than the specifics of encoding; though, you can choose whether you embed meta data into your videos here.

The Downloads Settings screen.

Finally, there are also a bunch of Proxy settings that let you bypass geo-restrictions from your location.

The Proxy settings screen.

There’s a lot of customization here, and it means SnapDownloader can fit into your own workflow when downloading videos. This makes it a breeze to use, tailored to your requirements.

Whether SnapDownloader Is Worth Your Money

On the whole, SnapDownloader is a solid and robust tool, that comes with a bunch of great features. We like how easy the app is to use and how quick it takes to start a job process.

What’s more, the pricing is good value too. You’re able to choose from either a lifetime license or a month-by-month subscription. The Personal lifetime license is the best deal in our opinion: it’s around $30 for a single-computer license, compared to around $20–25 for a yearly subscription.

There’s also a Family edition that comes in around $50 for a lifetime license and lets you install SnapDownloader on three computers. This may be even better value if you have to download from multiple computers during your working day.

In Summary

The exact figures aside, SnapDownloader lets you download videos from almost any website – certainly all of the major ones – and save them to your computer. It can do this in a flash, and if you’re a serial downloader, you’re going to love the features and functionality of this app.

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