Snapback For Firefox

In my previous review of Safari 3, I did mention that there is a useful feature that I like a lot. It is called SnapBack. What it does is allow you to set an anchor page and return to it after numerous browsing. It is great for search result page or returning to the home page while navigating a site.

In Firefox, there is an extension that work the same as the Snapback in Safari. It is also call Snapback. After the installation, you can snap a page by the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + M and restore the page via Ctrl + Alt + J. I personally don’t like the default shortcut keys as it requires me to stretch my fingers. Luckily it allows you to change the shortcut keys in its preference menu.

You can also right click your mouse on the page and select “save url for snapback” or “snapback” to return to the anchor site.

Strangely, the snapback icon is not displayed in the toolbar by default. You will have to customize and drag it from the toolbar library. Once the icon is on your toolbar, left click will restore to the anchor page and the middle click will save the url as the anchor page.

Get the snapback extension here.

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