Do You Think There Is Still a Market for Smartphones with Smaller Screens?


One of the big debates among smartphone users, after the Android vs. iPhone debate, is the argument over screen size. Some users prefer the larger screens while others have been quite content with smaller screens. Now that Apple eliminated their smaller screen models only to bring it back in March, do you think there is still a market for smartphones with smaller screens?

A larger screen has often been a signature of the more recent versions of the more popular Android smartphones. Of the top 5 Android phones listed for 2016, the LG V10 screen size is 5.7″, the LG G4 5.5″, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 5.7″, the Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1″, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5.1″.

Some people complained that the iPhone screens were too small, and Apple seemed like they were trying to compete when they abandoned their smaller screen-size phones and adopted larger screens for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus. The iPhone 6S is 4.7″ and the 6S Plus 5.5″.

But now they have gone back and have re-introduced a smaller screen smartphone with the recently-announced iPhone SE that has a 4″ screen size.

Perhaps this is giving Apple the best of both worlds to have these three different sizes of screens on their smartphones. But is it worth still introducing small screens?

Do you think there is still a market for smartphones with smaller screens?

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  1. There’s room in the market for various screen sizes. Personally, I love large screens but my ‘Smart’ Phone is much more than a phone – it’s a handheld computer that happens to do phone stuff. If manufacturers come out with more smaller screens, I simply won’t buy one and ’nuff said.

    What I’m not happy with are smartphone owners trying to force their preferences on other users. No attack on this article intended – it provides an avenue for discussion. btw, I also think there’s a huge market for simple phones (calls and/or texting only) with dialing buttons (simple OS for contacts) on inexpensive pre-paid calling plans. This option rarely gets any love but I know lots of people who prefer this.

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