Create Masterpieces with the Smartphone Photo and Video Certification Bundle

Smartphones have turned us all into photographers and videographers. At any given time we have what amounts to a digital camera on our person. But if you want to take the best photos and videos possible, you’ll want to get the Smartphone Photo and Video Certification Bundle. These two courses will help you master the core techniques needed to take stunning photos and videos, the ones you always dreamed of taking. You have that smartphone with you all the time, you may as well make great use of it with these courses.

Diploma in Smartphone Photography – These days most photos are taken with our smartphones. They no longer sit around in boxes in your home. They’re now shared on social networks, saved in personal digital albums, or sometimes even sold online. It’s the easy way to capture your memories. Editing your photos into masterpieces is just as easy. This course will teach you all you all the skills you need to taking and editing professional-looking photos.

  • Eight live lessons, three hours per week
  • Quickly and easily create, enhance, and share images
  • Create the perfect shot
  • Master the art of the selfie
  • Learn how to adjust exposure on a smartphone
  • Discover how to make adjustments and enhancements via mobile editing apps


Diploma in Digital Video – Direct your own professional-quality videos. While at one time you needed an elaborate movie camera and projector system, now you only need a smartphone to both film your subject and share it as well. This course will teach you the fundamentals for creating captivating videos. You’ll learn to do much more than just recording.

  • Eight live lessons, three hours per week
  • Learn about basic video equipment and what you will need
  • Determine which video format will be the best for your usage
  • Discover the advantages and disadvantages of different apertures and lenses
  • Learn important techniques for creating
  • Find out how color temperature and light affect video
  • Jump right into basic cinematography

Pick up both of these courses and start creating for less than $10.

Smartphone Photo and Video Certification Bundle

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