Smart Ways to Use a Tablet

Tablet computers are everywhere. You see them in coffee shops, in your office and even in schools. Because of the greater power it provides than smartphones and the portability it offers against laptop and desktop computers, tablets sit in the borderline of power and portability.

However, despite the prevalence and ubiquity of tablet computers, there are still some of us who are still trying to decide if we really need one. There are some who don’t even know what to do with theirs. If you are sitting on the fence, here are some smart ways to use a tablet.

1. Use it as a Second Monitor


Some desktop users prefer to work using more than one monitor. If you are one, then you will be interested in this smart way to use your tablet.

If you haven’t known it yet, you can actually use your tablet as a second monitor! You can hook it up with your computer and extend your display. Now, you can have another screen without even buying a new one.

2. Use it as a Universal Remote Control


You may have read that you can actually use your phone to control some things. With the help of some applications, you can easily transform your tablet to be the universal remote for your entertainment PC, your desktop upstairs or even your entire house.

3. An E-reader


Well, this one’s pretty basic, but it doesn’t become cliché. Yes you can use your tablet to enjoy reading. Now you can pick out your tablet computer, open an ebook and read. You also have a variety of choices ranging from magazines, Kindle books, comic books and news apps like Pocket or Flipboard.

4. Note-Taking and Organizing


For the productivity junkies out there, having a tablet computer is probably the best deal for you. With a handy dandy note-taker in your bag, jotting notes has never been easier. You can even make annotations to books, write some quick notes, prepare tasks and even organize your goals using your tablet computer. And with apps like Evernote, you can even share them with your friends.

5. Art Machine


Now that trees are becoming more important to the human race other than being a source of paper, going digital is a good way to save the Earth. Now that digital drawing tools used by artists are becoming more prevalent, doing digital art is becoming expensive. Good thing, you have a tablet computer right in the corner. With this, you can create music, digital paintings, and create articles.

Perhaps the biggest upside to this is that tablets are generally portable and easy to use. So, being able to bring a drawing kit everywhere is just a luxury you can always have.

6. Integrated Car Dashboard


Using your tablet as an integrated dashboard will be awesome because, well, let’s be modest about this, most car dashboards these days aren’t that good.

So, to address this, why not integrate your tablet to the dashboard? It’s got everything you might need: music player, navigation, and voice-activated commands. What else could you ask for?

Of course, this will entail a few dollars, but I am sure spending a few bucks to make your car smarter won’t hurt you much. Especially now that there is a great amount of DIY equipment available.

7. Portable Entertainment System


Bored during your usual morning commute? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a home-theater system right in your knapsack? You know, you can open it up, maybe play some games, or watch your favorite TV series.

Now turning your tablet into an entertainment system will surely get you through the hellish minutes of boredom.

8. Family Device


Tablets are also great for general purposes like checking emails, reading web stories or playing games. You can always grab it by the corner unlike a computer that is pretty much glued in one section of the house.

9. Distraction Center


Procrastination is a universal disease. With distraction centers like Facebook, Twitter and 9gag, it’s always a difficult walk towards productivity. The presence of these websites often keep us from being focused.

One way to be productive and still procrastinate is setting boundaries between your productivity machine and your distraction center. Here is where you tablet computer comes in. You can use it as the device to channel your distractions and when you switch to your computer, it’s all about work.

10. Productivity Machine

In contrast with Smart Way 9, tablets can also be used to channel focus on one specific task. Tablet computers can increase productivity because they normally only allow one open active tab to be seen in the screen. This makes it difficult to switch to other windows or apps.

Because of this, you can write, read and work without distractions.


A tablet surely has many uses, but like any other gadget, it should be used in a balanced way: fun and productive. Of course, these two may not be found in a single machine. Being able to identify and use your tablet computer is something that you should master and be proud of.

Did you try to use these smart ways for your tablet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Rudolph Musngi
Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is a geek. He loves reading: books, blogs and even nutrition facts found at the back of products. Since last year, Rudolph has written several articles that concerns Typography, Wordpress, Freelance Lifehacks, Graphic Design and Showcase of Beautiful Web Designs. He also writes about basketball in his All-NBA blog.

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