How to Use Your Ring Doorbell with Alexa and Echo Show

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The good thing about the Ring Doorbell is that you can see exactly who’s at the door without having to physically answer it. Simply set up the Ring application on your phone, and you’ll receive a notification every time someone presses your doorbell. If you own an Echo Show, you can go even further and answer your front door using an Alexa voice command.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect your Echo Show to your Ring doorbell.

How to set up your Echo Show

If you’ve just purchased an Amazon Echo Show, the first step is connecting your Show to your Wi-Fi network:

1. Attach the Echo Show to a power outlet using the provided power cable.

2. Turn on the power, and your Echo Show should boot automatically.

3. When prompted, select the language you want to use.

The first step, is setting up your Amazon Echo Show device.

4. The Echo Show will now display a list of all the available Wi-Fi networks. Tap the network you want to use.

5. Enter your Wi-Fi password and then tap “Connect.”

6. When prompted, enter the login details for your Amazon account and tap “Continue.”

7. Confirm your time zone.

8. Give your device a descriptive name and then tap “Continue.”

You can now give your Echo Show a descriptive name.

Your Echo Show is now connected to your Amazon account. The next step is connecting Alexa to your Ring doorbell!

Install the Ring Alexa skill

To connect Ring and Alexa, you need to install the Ring Alexa skill:

1. On your phone, launch the Amazon Alexa app.

2. In the bottom-right corner, tap the “More” tab.

3. Select “Skills & games.”

4. Search for “Ring.”

Launch the Amazon Alexa mobile app, and search for the "Ring" smart home skill.

5. Tap the Ring skill when it appears.

6. Read the description and tap “Enable to use.”

Select the Ring skill, and then tap "Enable to Use."

7. Enter the login details for your Ring account.

8. Read the permissions request and tap “Authorize.”

Your Ring account will now connect to your Echo Show. The next thing to do is to connect your Ring doorbell to your Echo Show:

1. Tap “Discover devices.” Alexa will now scan for new devices, and after a few moments, it should display your Ring doorbell.

The Amazon Alexa mobile app will now display all of the detected devices, including your Ring doorbell!

2. Tap your doorbell, then “Set Up Device.”

You can now work your way down the list of detected devices, tapping each in turn and then selecting "Set Up Device."

Once you’ve added all your Ring devices, tap “All devices are set up -> Done.”

What can I do with my Ring doorbell?

Now that Ring is connected to your Echo Show, you can interact with your doorbell using Alexa’s voice commands and settings. Here are a few things you can try:

1. Drop into the live feed at any time

You can view the feed from your Ring doorbell at any time using the phrase “Alexa, show me…” followed by the name of your Ring device. For example, you might say “Alexa, show me my front door.”

Your Echo Show will now display the live feed from your Ring doorbell. This can be useful if you hear noises outside your house and are concerned someone may be snooping around your property.

You can stop the feed at any time by saying “Alexa, stop.

2. Get doorbell press and motion announcements

Even when you’re in the house, it’s easy to miss someone at your front door. Echo Show can announce whenever someone presses your Ring doorbell or even give you a heads-up when Ring detects motion.

By strategically placing Alexa-enabled devices throughout your home and enabling announcements, you can ensure you never miss an important caller again.

To enable Ring announcements for your Alexa-enabled device:

1. Launch the Amazon Alexa mobile app.

2. Tap “Devices -> Cameras.”

3. Select your Ring doorbell.

4. Find the following slider: “Doorbell Press Announcements.” Drag this slider into the “On” position.

You can receive audio and visual notifications on your Echo Show device.

5. You may also want to enable “Motion Announcements” so that Alexa notifies you every time your Ring doorbell detects motion.

6. You can now choose a sound that Alexa will use to announce doorbell-related events. Tap “Doorbell Press Announcements” and make your selection from the list.

Your Amazon Alexa device supports a wide range of different doorbell sounds, including seasonal sounds.

Now every time someone presses your Ring doorbell, your Alexa-enabled device(s) will play this alert sound.

3. Answer the door using an Alexa voice command

When you receive a notification, you can answer the door using a command such as “Alexa, answer the front door,” or “Alexa, talk to the front door camera.” Echo Show will now display the live video feed on your Echo Show and open a two-way line of communication so you can speak to your visitor.

4. Review your doorbell history

If you invest in a Ring Protect plan, you can play all recordings collected by your Ring doorbells and cameras spanning the past 30 days. To view the last recorded video on your Echo Show, use the command “Alexa, show me the last activity from (camera name).

The good thing about the Ring doorbell is that it is well integrated with the Amazon ecosystem, so you can easily connect it to Alexa and devices. If you are not a fan of Amazon, you can check out these Ring alternatives to protect your house.

Jessica Thornsby
Jessica Thornsby

Jessica Thornsby is a technical writer based in Derbyshire, UK. When she isn’t obsessing over all things tech, she enjoys researching her family tree, and spending far too much time with her house rabbits.

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