How to Use Google Nest to Find Your Phone

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Did you know that you can use a Google Nest to find your phone? It doesn’t matter what kind of Nest you have; as long as you set it up correctly and give the right command, it will make your phone ring. All you need to do is follow the ringtone, and you’ll be reunited with your phone.

Let’s explore how to set up this useful feature and how to use it.

Setting Up an Android Phone

To enable this feature, you need to ensure that a few settings are turned on and customized correctly.

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First, the phone you’re trying to reach must have an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s cellular or Wi-Fi; as long as the Google Nest can send a signal to your phone over the internet, it will work.

Next, make sure “Find My Device” is enabled. You can check by going to Settings on your phone, then Security, then “Find My Device.” Make sure this is turned on.

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While this may be redundant, just double-check that you’re signed in to the same Google account on your phone as you are on the Nest. Also, make sure you can use Google Play just fine.

Finding an Android Phone with Google Nest

If all the above is true, you can now use your Nest to find your phone. To do this, say “Hey Google” to get the assistant’s attention. When Google is listening, say “Find my phone.”

The assistant will then recite the model of your phone and double-check with you if it’s the right one. If it is, tell it “yes,” and it’ll cause your phone to ring at full volume. This will happen even if the phone is muted or set to Do Not Disturb.

Setting Up an iPhone

Surprisingly, this feature can be used on an iPhone, too – albeit with a few limitations. To start, you’ll want to add your iPhone to your Google Account.

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You can do this by accessing the Personal Info section of your Google account, then choosing “Phones -> Add recovery phone.”

Finding an iPhone with Google Nest

At this point, you can use the Android steps above to find your iPhone; however, it won’t come with the ability to ring the phone if it’s on silent. As such, to use this feature, it’s a good idea to keep your iPhone off of silent mode during active hours so you can hear it ring.

Finding Smart Phones with Smart Homes

The Google Nest can do a lot, but finding your phone that fell between the sofa cushions is one of its lesser-known features. Now you know how to set up your phone to find it using your Google Hub, even if it’s an iPhone.

Are you always losing your phone? Do you think this feature will help you find it more often? Let us know below.

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