6 Things to Get Alexa to Do This Halloween

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Whether you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained or are after some silly Alexa tricks to amuse your friends, Amazon’s Alexa has plenty of tricks (and treats) ready for Halloween. This tutorial shows you how to add a splash of tech to your Halloween, with six creepy things to ask Alexa.

1. Spooky sounds: set the mood or play a prank

If you’re holding any kind of Halloween get-together, then you need the right ambience! The Spooky Halloween Sounds skill has a range of eerie soundtracks that would make the perfect backdrop to any Halloween party.

If you’re after something altogether more terrifying, then Spooky Scream will play a piercing scream after a set period of time has elapsed. This is the perfect skill if you want to unnerve your guests or even play a Halloween prank on your friends and family!

If you’re using a smaller Alexa-enabled speaker such as an Echo Dot, then why not hide this speaker among some Halloween decorations and then set the timer? It’s guaranteed to catch your friends and family off-guard.

2. Haunted houses and escape rooms: play a game

What’s a Halloween party without a few games? If you want something for the kids, then Haunted House is a short, choose-your-own-adventure story that’s perfect for Halloween.

Why not play a Halloween-themed, choose-your-own-adventure game?

For the adults, Escape the Room is a fun, puzzle-based game that’s actually pretty challenging. It may not be strictly Halloween-themed, but if you’ve ever watched a puzzle-based scary movie such as “Saw,” “Cube,” “Follow Me,” or the “Escape Room” movies, you’ll agree there’s something unnerving about the concept of being locked up and forced to complete puzzles.

3. Halloween jokes to make you groan

Sure, Alexa’s jokes are cheesy, but young children should still get a kick out of them. I also have to commend Amazon for creating what must surely be the world’s first cryptocurrency-themed Halloween joke.

Amazon Alexa can tell a range of silly, cheesy Halloween-themed jokes.

Say: “Alexa tell me a Halloween joke” and prepare to groan!

4. Scary stories to tell in the dark

If you’re trying to entertain the kids, say “Alexa, tell me a spooky story,” and it will be happy to oblige. These stories come complete with music and sound effects and are usually around a few minutes long.

These tales are aimed firmly at children – think stories about potions, toads, and stink bombs. They’re pretty silly but should be enough to keep little ones entertained.

Amazon Alexa can tell a range of kid-friendly ghost stories.

If you want something more adult, try Scare Me. These stories are usually around 30 seconds long, and it’s honestly worth it just to hear Alexa’s “creepy-whisper” voice!

These stories have a Creepypasta/Two Sentence Horror Stories vibe, and are therefore not suitable for young ears.

5. Brush up on your horror-movie knowledge

Want to brush up on your horror-movie facts? Maybe you’re preparing for a Halloween-themed pub quiz or just want to learn something new and seasonally-appropriate.

The Horror Trivia skill shares an interesting tidbit related to some of the world’s most popular horror movies.

6. Check the front door for trick-or-treaters

If you’ve connected your Ring account to your Echo Show, then you can drop in on the Ring doorbell at any time using an Alexa command. Simply use a command such as “Alexa, show me my front door,” and you’ll see a live feed directly from your front door. It’s perfect for keeping an eye out for trick-or-treaters.

Other than Alexa, you can also make use of these ideas to prepare your smart home for Halloween.

Jessica Thornsby
Jessica Thornsby

Jessica Thornsby is a technical writer based in Derbyshire, UK. When she isn’t obsessing over all things tech, she enjoys researching her family tree, and spending far too much time with her house rabbits.

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