Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors for 2020

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020

Smart smoke detectors do the same job as a standard smoke detector. However, you don’t just hear an alarm only when you’re in your house. The smart version sends alerts to your phone as well. This means even if you’re not at home, you’ll still get an alert if your smoke detector goes off.

Of course, you may not hear your smoke detector if you’re asleep and it’s going off downstairs and several rooms away. However, a notification on your phone may be what helps save your life. Plus, if you’re away and know someone’s home alone, you can quickly call them to ensure they’re getting out safely or see if they’re just cooking and burned something.

What to Look For

Ideally, you’ll want smart smoke detectors that integrate well with your existing smart home system. However, you can use IFTTT to create a routine for when your smoke detector detects something. This may include flashing your smart lights to get your attention quickly.

You’ll also want one that detects smoke and carbon monoxide. Both are incredibly dangerous, and it’s better to have a two-in-one versus buying two different devices.

Finally, look for a smoke detector that offers alternatives to the usual beeps, chirps, and alarms. Some offer voice-based alerts and lights in addition to the usual loud alarm.

1. Nest Protect

One of the best overall smart smoke detectors is Nest Protect. It offers everything you could possibly want. It detects both smoke and carbon monoxide and also has a sensor that can detect both slow and fast-burning fires. This gives you even more time to get to safety.

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020 Nest

Get alerts sent to your phone and have the smoke detector tell you what’s going on and where. You can also quickly silence alarms with the app if it’s not an emergency. Get alerts when the battery is running low or opt for the wired version. There’s even a pathway light that lights up when you walk under it at night.

It’s not the cheapest option at $115 for the wired and $119 for the wireless, but they do last up to ten years.

2. First Alert Onelink Safe and Sound

The First Alert Onelink Safe and Sound works much like Nest Protect. Get both mobile and voice alerts that tell you what’s going on and where. It’s Alexa-compatible and connects easily with an Alexa home network.

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020 Onelink

It’s battery-operated and detects both smoke and carbon monoxide. The sensors are designed to cut back on false alarms. You can buy one today for $119.99.

There’s also an Alexa speaker version of the First Alert Onelink. In addition to serving as a smoke detector, it’s also Alexa-enabled and includes a speaker. Control Alexa and your smart home by speaking to the detector. It’s also Apple Homekit-compatible. This one does cost more at $249.99.

3. Ecolink Z-Wave Plus

If you already have a Z-Wave system, the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus is one of the best smart smoke detectors for you. It’s a wireless detector that works with all current smoke detectors in your home. Its audio-listening feature automatically lets you know if any alarms are going off anywhere in your home. You only need one smart smoke detector to make all the others smarter. It’s also designed to eliminate false alarms.

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020 Ecolink

Get alerts sent directly to your phone in addition to standard smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It’s surprisingly affordable at just $36, but you will need a Z-Wave-compatible home security hub for it to work, which isn’t included.

4. First Alert ZCOMBO

The First Alert ZCOMBO also requires a Z-Wave-compatible hub. It works similarly to Ecolink but doesn’t listen for alarms from your other smoke detectors. It detects both smoke and carbon monoxide.

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020 Zcombo

If you already trust the First Alert brand, it’s a great option for replacing your standard smoke detectors. Plus, it’s just $49.99.

5. Roost Smart Battery

Top 5 Smart Smoke Detectors For 2020 Roost

If you want to keep your existing smoke detectors, turn them into smart smoke detectors with a Roost Smart Battery. It’s a seemingly simple battery that connects to your home’s wireless network. It works with a companion app to set up how you want to receive alerts. There’s also a low-battery warning to avoid annoying chirps and false alarms as the battery gets low. Each battery is $34.99 and lasts up to five years.

Other Options

If you have a Google Home speaker, you can use the Google Nest Aware Plan to listen for suspicious sounds when you’re away. Get alerts on your phone if your smoke detector goes off.

If you prefer Amazon Alexa, you can set up Alexa Guard to alert you about smoke alarms and other sounds while you’re away. Both of these options work with any type of smoke detector.

Image credit: Roost Press Kit

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