8 Helpful Smart Robots that Aren’t Vacuums

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Way back in 1962, The Jetsons portrayed a futuristic world where people’s lives were made significantly easier thanks to robot maids. While robot vacuums like the ones popularized by the likes of the Roomba have been around for a number of years, they’re fairly limited in what they can do. However, there are other robot assistants that can automate other menial jobs around the house.

1. Robomow RS630

Whether you have a push mower or one you climb on and ride, mowing the lawn is still a tedious chore. This is why lawn maintenance is the perfect candidate for automation. Robo-mowers operate on the same principle as robot vacuums. However, instead of sucking up dust and crumbs, robo-mowers roll around your yard and cut your grass with spinning blades attached to the undercarriage. Like robot vacuums, there are a number of robo-mowers on the market today. One of the best is the Robomow RS630.

Robot Robomow

The Robomow RS630 is designed for larger yards (up to 3/4 acre) and can handle inclines up to 20 degrees. Furthermore, the Robomow Rs630 has its own app and Alexa integration, allowing you to mow your lawn with a tap or a voice command. Additionally, it features a rain sensor that will send the Robomow RS630 back to its charging base until conditions improve. On top of that, the Robomow RS630 has an anti-theft feature that automatically locks the device if it is picked up.

While the Robomow RS630 can free up some of your time, there are some downsides. First, like all robo-mowers, it can take a bit of effort to properly configure. Second, and this one will sting the most, it’s going to set you back over $2,000.

2. Ecovacs Winbot 880

Automated vacuuming, automated lawn mowing, why not automated window washing? The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is a robot designed to clean your windows. It employs a similar algorithm to that of robot vacuums to clean every inch of your windows. The Winbot 880 automatically chooses the most efficient cleaning path. As it travels across the glass, it will avoid obstacles and return to where it started when it’s done.

Robot Winbot

The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is equipped with a decontamination pad and elastic squeegees that pass over a single area four times, ensuring a thorough clean. Furthermore, the Winbot 880 has 2800PA in suction power to make sure the robot is firmly attached to the glass. If there is a power failure, it has a 30-minute backup battery to keep it from falling off.

3. iRobot Looj 330

The iRobot name is mostly associated with vacuums; however, they have another ingenious robot that automates a menial task – it cleans out your gutters. The Looj 330 measures just two inches high and three inches wide, enabling it to fit in the rain gutters of most homes. It is equipped with an auger that dislodges and removes leaves and other debris from your gutters.

Robot Looj

The Looj 330 is designed to be easy to use, with one-button operation. Simply climb up a ladder, place the Looj in you gutter, tap the button and the Looj scoops and propels gutter debris away from your house. Furthermore, The Looj 330 makes gutter-cleaning much safer. It reduces the number of times you have to climb up and down the ladder and eliminates the risk associated with overreaching when cleaning out your gutters.

4. Anki Cozmo

Robots are for more than just cleaning. They can be companions and teaching tools as well. If you’re looking for a robot to help your kids learn to code, take a look at the Anki Cozmo.

Best Robots For Your Home Anki Cozmo

This robot features support for games and challenges to keep your kids’ minds expanding all the time. When it’s time for some fun, you can switch to Explorer mode, using the companion mobile app to see exactly what the robot sees. The main downside is that this robot is on the small side, but for around $140, you’ll get your money’s worth when it comes to fun.

5. RC 4WD Snow Blower

Speaking of dangerous jobs around the house, did you know snow removal can increase your chance of a heart attack? Shoveling snow or even pushing a heavy snow blower can cause your blood pressure to increase. Furthermore, the cold can cause your blood vessels to constrict, decreasing oxygen to the heart. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that thanks to the RC 4WD Snow Blower.

Robot Snowblower

This heavy-duty snowblower utilizes a powerful 4-wheel drive engine and can be piloted remotely. With the RC 4WD Snow Blower, you can clear your driveway or sidewalk from the comfort and warmth of your home. However, there is one significant downside: you’ll have to shell out over $9,000 to own one.

6. Wonder Workshop Cue

Another learning-focused robot, the Wonder Workshop Cue, is a great option if you want to get your kids involved in STEM learning early on. It’s meant for kids aged 10 and up and can even provide them with a great companion, as this robot has a sense of humor that can improve as it learns.

Best Robots For Your Home Wonder Workshop Cue

This robot starts kids off learning program concepts with block-based coding before moving on to actual programming with JavaScript. It features up to thirty hours of play in a single charge and is priced competitively at around $229.

7. Temi

The other robots on this list have either been small or utilities meant for a single job. If you’re looking for something that is more like a robot in the traditional sense, meet Temi. Described as “the personal robot,” Temi combines the features of Alexa with mobility and a ton of other features.

Best Robots For Your Home Temi

Temi is vaguely human in shape, only with a screen where its head should be. It can helpfully tilt this for an ideal viewing angle when you ask it to search the Web or for help with a recipe. This also makes video chatting much more like chatting in person. At $1,999, it isn’t cheap, but it’s also the most advanced robot on this list.

8. Grillbot

Are you or someone you know a self-professed grillmaster? If so, the Grillbot is about to become your favorite grilling accessory. Think of the Grillbot as a Roomba for your grill. With the touch of a button, the Grillbot’s three brass brushes rotate to scrape all the burnt-on residue from your grill grate.

Robot Grillbot

The Grillbot is made from a heat-resistant plastic, meaning you can use it on hot or cold grills. Furthermore, operation is super simple. Just press the starter button and walk away. The Grillbot will sound an alarm when it is finished cleaning your grill. Cleaning the Grillbot is also very easy – just remove the brass brushes and chuck them in the dishwasher. With the Grillbot, you’ll be able to throw away your old wire brush for good.

Do you have any robot helpers around the house? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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