Smart Home Devices that Can Stop Spreading Bacteria

With the news headlines telling us to wash our hands and disinfect our homes, we are all looking for ways to stop the spread of germs. Wiping down countertops and bathrooms with hand wipes is a solid tip, but what if you want to add a little more technology into your life? The increase in smart home technology has not only brought new levels of convenience into our lives but also new ways to stop the spread of germs. Here are some of the best products you can buy to help stop the spread of bacteria.

Smart Faucets to the Rescue

At first, the idea of a smart faucet might seem crazy, but then you should consider how many people touch a sink on any given day. That's why companies like Delta and Moen, two of the largest faucet manufacturers, are stepping up their smart game. With “dumb” faucets, even after you wash your hands with soap, you still have to touch a dirty handle again to turn the water off. That isn't the case with products like the U by Moen or the Delta VoiceIQ.

Clean Your Smart Home Devices Moen

Both of these smart faucets incorporate Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to voice control your faucet. Want to turn the water on? Just ask Alexa or Google. Want to fill up a cup of water? Ask your faucet. Each faucet requires a separate smart speaker to activate, but if you have a smart home, you likely already have one of those available. That you never have to touch either of these faucets is an excellent way to quickly stop the spread of germs.

Clean Your Phone Smartly

For years Apple has resisted the call to let customers clean the iPhone with over-the-counter Clorox or Lysol wipes. Even as they recently scaled back that response, there is a better, smarter way to truly clean your smartphone. Cleaning your smartphone is one of the easiest ways you can stop the spread of germs. Think about how many other things you touch in your daily life and then touch your phone. Your phone lives with you everywhere, In the bathroom, at the kitchen table or at the office. That's why products like the HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer exist.

Clean Your Smart Home Devices Homedics

It's true that HoMedics isn't a smart home device in and of its own, but as it cleans one of the most important smart home devices, it's a necessary exception. All you have to do is place your phone into the zipper case and it takes care of the rest. It takes almost no time to complete, requiring only 60 seconds to properly clean both sides of a smartphone. That it is portable and can handle up to 70 uses per charge make it another must-own product.

Take to the Air

No matter how hard we try, airborne germs and bacteria cannot be stopped by regular wipedowns. Instead, you have to take to the air and get the germs as they move throughout a home. That doesn't mean you can ignore wiping down your home as these two methods will live in tandem. Purchasing a smart home purifier like the BlueAir Classic 480i goes above and beyond the standard HEPA filter to destroy a virus. Whereas most air purifiers can catch a virus, they cannot remove it.

Clean Your Smart Home Devices Blueair

BlueAir, on the other hand, claims that it can block up to 99.99 percent of the twelve most common airborne bacteria and viruses including H1N1 and E.Coli. Ideal for rooms up to 775 feet, there are a multitude of sizing options available depending on your needs.

So what makes this purifier smart? Everything can be controlled right from the downloadable app. You can set a timer, adjust the speed and even monitor air quality in real time, all from your smartphone.

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Do Not Touch Your Door Locks

Like the faucet, another area often touched but rarely cleaned are the door locks and handles. While door handles have yet to go smart, smart door locks that prevent bacteria are the way to go. Kwikset's Keyless Z-Wave touchscreen deadbolt is the best way to not only make your door lock smarter but also quickly reduce the spread of bacteria. By adding Microban technology, Kwikset ensures that antimicrobial protection is in effect to reduce the spread of bacteria each time the lock is activated.

Clean Your Smart Home Devices Kwikset

The specialized coating is labeled as lasting the lifetime of the lock. Unfortunately, it cannot kill a virus; that you can use the lock hands-free adds another level of reduced bacteria spread. As for its smart features, the lock is fairly standard fare. You can check the lock status remotely and lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

In today's world, stopping the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses can be lifesaving. Of course, no smart home device can completely stop the spread of bacteria, so the best protection is being smart and not taking any unnecessary risks.

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