How to Restart and Reset Your HomePod & HomePod Mini

Reset Restart Homepod

As with any other piece of technology, Apple’s smart speakers may encounter glitches from time to time. Your HomePod or HomePod Mini can stop working all of a sudden, refuse to play/stream music, or Siri may lose its Web connectivity. No matter the reason, knowing how to restart and reset your HomePod and HomePod Mini will surely come in handy. 

As a general rule, we recommend restarting your HomePod first. This will force your smart speaker to reboot without losing any of its settings. If that doesn’t work, you should proceed to reset your smart speaker. This action will force your HomePod or HomePod Mini to return to its factory settings, so you’ll have to set it up from scratch.

How to Restart Your HomePod

Since Apple’s HomePod doesn’t have a physical ON/OFF button, you need to use your iPhone or iPad to interact with your smart speaker. With that said, here’s how to restart your HomePod by using the Home app.

1. Launch the Home app on your device. Tap on “Rooms” using the menu bar found at the bottom of your device’s screen. Scroll left and right until you get to a room where your HomePod is located.

2. Make sure to tap and hold on the HomePod icon. A new panel will appear, allowing you to fine-tune your smart speaker. You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of this panel.

Restart Homepod Home App Ios

3. Tap on “Reset HomePod,” and you’ll be asked whether you’d like to restart your HomePod or remove this accessory. Make sure to tap on “Restart HomePod.”

Keep in mind that your HomePod will take a couple of minutes to restart. You won’t be able to issue voice commands until this process is complete. If your HomePod acts as the central hub for your smart home, you will temporarily lose access to your smart devices. 

How to Reset Your HomePod

If you’re still experiencing issues even after restarting your HomePod, resetting it is the next step. Once again, keep in mind that your HomePod will return to its factory settings, so you’ll need to set it up again.

1. Open the Home app on your device. Select the “Rooms” tab and scroll left or right – until you see your HomePod. Tap and hold its icon until a new panel appears, letting you customize your HomePod’s settings.

Reset Homepod Home App Ios

2. Using the newly opened panel, you need to scroll all the way down. Tap on “Reset HomePod,” which will prompt you to choose one of two possible options. You need to tap on “Remove Accessory.” 

3. Once you confirm your decision, your HomePod will initialize the procedure on its own. It typically takes a couple of minutes until this process is done. A startup chime will let you know that your HomePod is ready to be set up again. 

How to Reset Your HomePod Directly (Without the Home App)

If your HomePod isn’t communicating with the Home app on your iPhone, you can still reset it. This is done by using the touch panel on the top side of your smart speaker.

1. Unplug your HomePod and wait five seconds. Then, plug it back in.

2. Press and hold the top of your HomePod (the central portion of the touch panel). Keep your finger on the device the whole time. You should see the spinning white light around your finger, which will turn red after 15 seconds. 

3. Siri will let you know that your HomePod is about to reset. Keep pressing the touch panel until you hear three beeps, then lift your finger. Your HomePod will now reset on its own. Once this procedure ends, you’ll need to set it up again. 

That would be all you need to know on how to restart and reset your HomePod and HomePod Mini. For more information on making the most out of your smart home, check out these Apple HomeKit tips. And of course, don’t forget to check out our list of the best Apple HomeKit gadgets available right now.

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