The Best Smart Bathroom Devices to Try Today

Take A Shower With Alexa

Imagine a luxurious bathroom that knows your perfect water temperature for your morning shower, adjusts the lighting as you walk in and a mirror that mimics natural sunlight for applying makeup perfectly. All you need are the right smart bathroom devices to make this dream a reality.

Thanks to a growing trend toward smart bathrooms, you can even have a smart toilet. From faucets and showerheads to lights and mirrors, your bathroom could become the smartest room in your home.

Kohler Eir Comfort Height Toilet

The toilet is where you spend a lot of your time. Why shouldn’t that toilet be smart? One of the most luxurious smart bathroom devices to consider is the Kohler Eir Comfort Height Toilet. While it’s not the only smart toilet in Kohler’s line of intelligent toilets, it does have numerous features that’ll make your current toilet green with envy. Some Kohler toilets even have Alexa integration.

Kohler Intelligent Toilets

Self-cleaning, heated seat, built-in LED nightlight, front- and rear- cleaning, air-drying and LCD remote are just the start of the features. If the power goes out, the Emergency Flush feature gives you up to 100 flushes.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

The newest way to shower with Alexa was just unveiled at CES 2020. Last year, Kohler introduced an Alexa-enabled toilet. This year, the company announced an Alexa-enabled version of the Moxie Showerhead. The original Moxie is just a removable, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker. The new version is a removable speaker with Alexa built in. The speaker is designed to run for up to five hours on a charge. Charging the speaker is as easy as detaching it and placing it on its wireless charger.

Take A Shower With Alexa Kohler

One of the biggest benefits is you don’t have to change much about your shower. You just replace your showerhead and you’re done. While no official release date has been set, Kohler expects to start shipping the new Moxie Showerhead with Alexa later in 2020.

U by Moen

Want Alexa to actually control your shower? The U by Moen Smart Shower is designed to customize your entire showering experience. Naturally, you can control the system with your voice, an app, or even a wall-mounted control panel. It’s compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Take A Shower With Alexa Moen

While you won’t have an Alexa speaker in your shower, tell Alexa to start your shower, set the water to a specific temperature, and even which heads to use. You’ll get a notification when your shower is ready.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror

The SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror is a must-have for getting your makeup just right. The tru-lux light system allows you to adjust the light to mimic natural sunlight to see all the subtle variations for more flawless makeup. The mirrors come in a variety of styles, including circular and wide-view.

Simple Human Sensor Mirror

Some models, such as the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi, even have Alexa built in, so you can play music, hear the weather forecast and much more while getting ready to go. The lights around the mirror only turn on when your face is in view. They go off as you walk away.

ThermaSol Smart Shower

ThermaSol’s Smart Shower is a system similar to U by Moen. However, it has a few more advanced features. You can still control your shower experience simply by talking to Alexa. There’s also a control panel to do things manually.

Take A Shower With Alexa Thermasol

The main difference between ThermaSol and Moen are the features. ThermaSol allows you to control the temperature and heads or outlets just like Moen. However, you can also change sounds to create a more ambient experience, adjust the showerhead light color, and even turn your shower into a steam therapy room. The concept is to create a wellness experience versus just taking a shower.


SmarTap adds even more features to let you shower the way you want. While it offers the same temperature settings and remote shower turn-on features as other systems, you can create multiple shower and bath profiles.

Take A Shower With Alexa Smartap

Instead of just focusing on showers, SmarTap also auto-fills your bath using your customized preferences. Once again, you just have to ask Alexa to get started. Create individual bathing profiles for every family member, including your kids. One unique feature is SmarTap’s IFTTT integration. Tell Alexa to fill your bath and an IFTTT integration with your smart bulbs could automatically dim the lights to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

An additional benefit is to be able to check your water usage and water pressure, which will help you conserve water and energy along with giving you a heads-up on possible leaks.

Capstone Connected Home Mirror

The Capstone Connected Home Mirror is one of the most innovative smart bathroom devices. While it looks like a mirror, it features the full power of Google Assistant. Control the mirror by touch or voice.

Smart Google Mirror

Play your favorite music while you’re in the shower. Catch up on the latest news while you brush your teeth. You can even use it to control other Google Home products. The best part is it’s not just for the bathroom. You can add this smart mirror to any room in your home or even in multiple rooms.

With every passing year, more smart bathroom devices are released. Upgrade your bathroom for an experience unlike any other.

Image: Kohler Design Center by MichaelSteeber, Jo Naylor

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