Top 7 Smart Alarm Clocks in 2023

Man Using Smart Alarm Clock Wake Up

Waking up isn't always the easiest thing to do, but smart alarm clocks can make the process much more enjoyable. We've compiled a list of the best smart alarm clocks of 2023 to help you wake up in the smartest way possible. If you're looking to upgrade your morning routine, you've come to the right place.

Tip: before you buy a smart alarm clock, learn whether wired or wireless smart home devices are best.

1. Best With Large Screen: Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Price: $99.99

Let's kick things off with the Nest Hub 2nd Gen, the best smart alarm clock for screen real estate. Boasting a 7-inch touchscreen, this gadget can turn your nightstand into a control center, a cozy cinema, and a morning motivator.

Nest Hub On A Night Stand

The large screen isn't just for show. Whether you want to binge Netflix before bed or skim through the news as you sip your morning coffee, the Nest Hub has you covered. Beyond entertainment, the Nest Hub lets you effortlessly control your lights, lock your doors, or set your thermostat – all with simple voice commands or a tap on the screen.

With its Sunrise Alarm and Sleep Sensing, the Nest Hub can gently mimic a sunrise, provide invaluable sleep insights, and even detect sleep disturbances. While Sunrise Alarm will be free forever, the same can't be said for Sleep Sensing. You can enjoy a free preview of Sleep Sensing through 2023. Following that, Google plans to integrate this specialized feature into Fitbit Premium.

Nest Hub Showing Camera Footage


  • Large 7-inch touchscreen
  • High-quality built-in speaker + microphone
  • Doubles as a smart home control center
  • Google Assistant
  • Sunrise Alarm feature for a natural wake-up
  • Sleep Sensing feature to monitor your sleep
  • Four color options


  • Sleep Sensing won't be free forever

2. Best for Alexa: Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Price: $59.99 with clock

If you like to start and end the day with music, the Echo Dot (5th Gen) is the smart alarm clock for you. For its compact size, the sound is remarkably rich, offering a balanced audio experience that won't instantly prompt you to look for your headphones. Best of all, you can pair multiple Echo Dot devices together to fill your home with sound.

Echo Dot On A Night Stand

Beyond music, the Echo Dot serves as a great Alexa-powered assistant. Just say the word, and Alexa will set your alarms, control smart home devices, or tell you the current weather so that you know how to dress for the day. Also, the multi-functional LED display dramatically enhances its usefulness as an alarm clock.

Those using Amazon's Eero as a whole home Wi-Fi system can also use the Echo Dot as an Eero extender to eliminate signal dead zones and ensure a more stable Internet connection throughout their living space.

Echo Dot With Clock Showing


  • Exceptional audio quality for the price
  • Alexa integration for hands-free control
  • Doubles as an Eero extender
  • Inexpensive
  • Small footprint


  • No 3.5mm audio output (unlike the previous generation)

Good to know: if you have an Android device, you can download several different sleep tracking apps for Android.

3. Best With Google Assistant: Lenovo Smart Clock

Price: $78.99

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a great companion for those who want to keep things sleek and straightforward, while still enjoying the perks of voice-assisted tech. Equipped with Google Assistant, this compact smart alarm clock responds to a simple "Hey Google" for hands-free control.

Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock Traffic

The 4-inch touchscreen gradually brightens to wake you up naturally as you approach the time of your alarm, making it a more pleasant experience than traditional alarm clocks. And because the Lenovo Smart Clock can communicate with over 30,000 smart home devices, you can enhance your morning routine even further by, for example, automatically turning on your coffee maker or adjusting your thermostat as you wake up.

Unlike other LCD-equipped smart alarm clocks, the Lenovo Smart Clock can't be used to watch movies or browse the Web, as its goal is to keep things simple. If you desire simplicity in an alarm clock, this could be the perfect fit for you.

Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock Smart Lights


  • Google Assistant built in for hands-free control
  • Compact and minimalist design
  • Sunrise Alarm for a more natural wake-up
  • USB port for phone charging
  • Relatively affordable, given its capabilities


  • Does not support video or similar features

4. Best With Wireless Charging: Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock

Price: $63.30

The Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock is here to charge up your mornings. One of the best features of this smart alarm clock is that it can wirelessly charge up to three gadgets simultaneously: your smartphone, AirPods, and smartwatch. For devices that don't support wireless charging, there are two USB ports on the back of the device.

Emerson Smartset Alarm Clock Charging Multiple Devices

Thanks to the SmartSet feature, there's no need to fumble around with manual settings; the clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time and resets after power outages. The built-in LED display is bright enough to be seen from across the room but also has adjustable brightness levels to suit your preferences so that it won't interrupt your sleep.

All controls are located on the top panel for easy access, including alarm settings, volume control, and snooze buttons. The Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock lets you set two different alarms, and you can choose whether you want to wake up to FM radio or traditional alarm tones.

Emerson Smartset Playing Music From Iphone


  • Fast 15W wireless charging for phones and 3W for AirPods
  • Two USB charging ports for wired charging
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music listening


  • Sound quality could be better
  • No Nap Timer feature (found in many other Emerson alarm clocks)

Also helpful: if you need to charge several items at once, these multiple-device charging stations may be a better option.

5. Best With White Noise: Hatch Restore Sound Machine

Price: $129.99

If you rely on a soothing soundscape to drift off into dreamland, then the Hatch Restore is your ticket to slumber paradise. Equipped with a robust library of high-quality nature sounds and white noise options, this smart alarm clock can drown out distractions and put your mind at ease.

Hatch Restore on Nightstand

Apart from soothing sounds, the Hatch Restore comes with a fully dimmable light with a color temperature that mimics natural sunlight. The dimmable light is adjustable via the companion Android and iOS app, allowing you to set the perfect mood for reading, relaxing, or meditating.

One frequent criticism of the Hatch Restore is its price point. $129.99 plus the optional subscription plan isn't an insignificant amount of money, especially considering that the sound quality of this alarm clock leaves something to be desired. However, many users argue that the investment is justified, given the device's capabilities and the long-term benefits of improved sleep.

Woman Using Hatch Restore Smart Alarm Clock


  • Many sleep sounds to choose from
  • Fully dimmable light with a natural color temperature
  • Control via app or device buttons
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • Subscription required for full content access
  • Expensive price point for alarm clock

6. Best Sunset Simulation: Philips SmartSleep

Price: $219.99

If you're someone who struggles with winding down at night, the Philips SmartSleep may just be the perfect addition to your bedside table. This smart alarm clock offers a fluid transition from dim to bright light, mimicking natural dawn to ease you gently into the morning. And when night falls, its dusk simulation feature helps your body prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Philips Smartsleep

The Philips SmartSleep is loaded with many extra features that make it an excellent bedside companion. For example, it has a phone charging dock, so you can charge your smartphone while you sleep without needing to take up an extra outlet. The downloadable SleepMapper app is also an excellent bonus, as is the AmbiTrack sensor to track conditions as you sleep.

While it offers a multitude of features, it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. And although it boasts an FM radio, don't expect a DAB radio or the ability to stream music from your phone. Also, the interface can be a bit challenging to navigate, requiring you to consult the manual to master some counterintuitive shortcuts.

Philips Smart Sleep Wake Up Naturally


  • Exceptional sunrise and sunset simulation with 20 brightness settings
  • Integrated phone charging dock
  • RelaxBreathe feature for guided breathing
  • SleepMapper app compatibility for sleep tracking


  • High price point
  • Limited radio functionality

Tip: if the SleepMapper app doesn't track enough for you, these Android sleep cycle tracking apps may be a better fit.

7. Best Design: Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

Price: $149.00

First impressions matter, and the Loftie Smart Alarm Clock nails it with its minimalist aesthetic. But Loftie doesn't just look good; it can also make you feel good by improving the quality of your sleep with its collection of guided meditations, breathwork, bedtime stories, soundbaths, and more.

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock Bedside

Setting it up is almost effortless – simply plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the user-friendly app, and configure the smart alarm clock on your iOS or Android device. The companion smartphone app makes it easy to choose from the growing database of sleep sounds, all of which are free and accessible even without the app.

For what the Loftie costs, its sound quality lacks the richness and depth you might expect. Additionally, the battery backup only lasts for a few hours, so you'll need to keep it plugged in to rely on its alarm functions consistently.

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock Free App


  • Beautiful design
  • Many free sleep sounds to choose from
  • Regular content updates keep the experience fresh
  • Built-in night light with adjustable settings


  • Pricey
  • Weaker sound quality

Frequently Asked Questions

How do smart alarm clocks differ from traditional alarm clocks?

Smart alarm clocks offer more advanced features than traditional ones, such as the ability to sync with your smartphone, control smart home devices, monitor your sleep, and even simulate sunrise to wake you up gently.

Can smart alarm clocks cause Wi-Fi interference?

Smart alarm clocks that feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity can potentially cause interference with other wireless devices in the same area. However, this is rare and can be mitigated by changing the Wi-Fi channel settings or enabling the 5 GHz frequency band.

Are there any concerns related to privacy or data security with smart alarm clocks?

Yes, there are concerns related to privacy and data security, especially for smart alarm clocks that have voice assistants, such as the Echo Dot. Always check the manufacturer's privacy policy to understand what kind of data is being collected and how it's being used or stored.

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