Best Sites to Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Best Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Are you a horrible person who desperately needs to play the perfect game for you and other horrible people? Then, gather all your terrible friends to play Cards Against Humanity online. Since you can’t always be in the same room, online options make it easier to make hilariously awkward card combinations that still have everyone laughing until they cry.

1. All Bad Cards

While it’d be great to play Cards Against Humanity online from the official website, sometimes a clone is just as fun. All Bad Cards works just like Cards Against Humanity with some equally disturbing cards. This site is a mix of free and premium options. You can easily jump into an available game, create your own, and even play with AI competitors if you’re all by yourself but still need a good laugh.

Best Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online All Bad Cards

This is my personal favorite for a variety of reasons. First, it’s so easy for everyone to play and setting up an account is free. There are numerous free decks to play with, including some created by other users. And yes, you can create your own, too.

But, if you’d like to support the creators of All Bad Cards, back them by buying the premium decks. Super Backers get ten exclusive decks, equaling over 2,300 additional cards, for just $7. You can have public or private games and include up to fifty players.

There aren’t any video options, but set up a Zoom chat (which even works on Chromebooks) or something similar to see each other while playing.

2. Cards Against Humanity Lab

This one is bit weird, but if you get creative, you can turn Cards Against Humanity Lab from a solo game to a group game where you really have to question how your friends think. Instead of the standard rounds where the Card Czar reads a prompt and everyone provides their worst possible answers, spend each round with every player using the lab to create their combos.

Best Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online Lab

While the prompts are different for everyone, present your combos to the designated Card Czar for the round to see who wins. It’s a workaround, but it’s free and fun.

It’s best to use a video chat so you can see everyone as you play, along with their reactions. Use private chat to send combos to the Card Czar so that only they can see them.

3. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

It’s not much to look at, but Pretend You’re Xyzzy is a surprisingly easy way to play Cards Against Humanity online. The site says the last major update was September 2018, but according to the site’s Twitter feed, it’s still being supported as of September 2020. Plus, there were numerous games in progress at the time of writing.

Best Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online Pretend

If you’re looking for something as close to the original Cards Against Humanity decks as possible, try this site first. The decks are listed along with a list of the cards included. You can also use the list to create your own cards to play online over any video chat platform.

Much like the original, you make a feeble attempt to please the almighty Card Czar. Make them laugh or question your humanity, and you just may win the round. As one final note, to play with friends, everyone has to play on the same server, which you can choose during the game setup.

4. Create Your Own

There are two ways to create your own Cards Against Humanity game to play online. The easiest is if all the players have their own decks. Since you can mix and match all you want, it doesn’t matter which decks they have.

Best Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online Green Box

Have everyone jump online to your chosen video-chat platform and play the game like normal. The only difference is you’ll send the Card Czar your response via private chat so no one else sees it. The main difference from the original is the Card Czar will know who played which card. So try not to be insanely biased and just pick the combo that makes you laugh until you feel like a truly horrible person.

If anyone doesn’t have their own deck, you could be really nice and send them one as a gift or ask them to download a free PDF deck from Cards Against Humanity. It doesn’t include any specialty decks, but it’s still fun. Since you’re playing online, they can just print the cards on regular paper, cut them, and shuffle them like a regular deck.

When you’re done with Cards Against Humanity, try playing some other board games online or just watch videos together.

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