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When it comes to smart home products, there is a promise that each device, app or product will help simplify the way you go about your day. For the most part that’s true, but there’s also another benefit that doesn’t get enough attention. Saving energy and thereby saving money are more than just side benefits of the smart home. For many people, it might be the driving force behind a purchase.

In a world where it is easy to walk out of a room without turning off a light or leaving the TV on, smart technology is the answer. Here are some quick hacks to help you save with smart home technology.

1. Smart Thermostats

For anyone who has been watching the smart home and IoT market grow, smart thermostats need little introduction. Incorporating products like the Nest Thermostat or Ecobee 4 will help you take control of unnecessary heating and cooling of your home.

Best Hacks Save Electricity Home Nest

Yes, there’s an initial increase in costs because of the product purchase, but each company promises to save you 20 percent (or more) on energy bills in the long run. Installation takes less than thirty minutes, and the benefits are awesome. Learning the temperature desire of each user, these devices shut off when someone leaves the home. As you head home, each thermostat will activate to begin cooling or heating the house. With Energy Star labels under their belts, this smart home tech that started the trend is a real money-saver.

2. Smart Energy Monitor

Shockingly high power bills are the last thing you want to see. Add the Sense Energy Monitor to your smart home, and you can quickly make a difference.

Best Hacks Save Electricity Home Sensemonitor

Incorporating a product like the Sense allows you to track energy usage whether you are home or out of town. You will know exactly which product is causing a spike in electricity usage, allowing you to enact a plan to stop its power drain.

Installation on your home’s electric panel can be done with an electrician in less than thirty minutes. Do you have a tendency to leave an appliance running unnecessarily? Not for long with the Sense monitor. Over time you’ll uncover multiple ways you can adjust your energy usage and will see real savings every month once you do.

3. Smart Lighting

Like the Nest Thermostat, smart lighting was one of the original smart home products to gain popularity. Aside from the “cool” factor of changing colors and setting the right mood, there are real savings with these systems. Each of these products, like the Philips Hue system, incorporates LED bulbs. Compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, setup is as simple as replacing existing bulbs.

Best Hacks Save Electricity Home Philipshue

Once you do, a whole new lighting world opens with the to ability set timers and schedules. Do you tend to leave lights on when you leave the house? That’s a real electricity waste, but now there’s a solution. Just use the smartphone app and turn the lights on or off from anywhere in the world. How can you say no to something this cool that offers added savings?

4. Conserve Water

What if you learned that you could save up to 50 percent on your outdoor water bill? That’s why the Rachio 3 is such a brilliant addition to any smart home. Taking care of your lawn consumes a lot of energy and water, especially if you live in an arid or warm weather climate. The Rachio 3 learns your soil and plant type to help you get the exact amount of water necessary.

Best Hacks Save Electricity Home Rachio3

If there is rain in the forecast, Rachio will stop the sprinkler timer and move automatically to the next scheduled time. How about conserving water in the shower? Letting the shower run before you get in is a huge waste of water. Products like the Evolve smart shower head stop the flow of water after hitting your desired temperature. Not only do you have a comfortable shower to walk into, but you are also saving water and putting money back in your pocket every month.

5. Smart Blinds

Initially, the idea of smart blinds might sound like a step too far in the smart home world, but they’re real and pretty awesome. Motorized blinds are hardly a new product idea, but controlling them with your voice is a recent development. Products like MySmartBlinds or Serena Shades sync up to Amazon, Google and Apple’s smart services to work with voice activation.

Best Hacks Save Electricity Home Serenashades

There are a variety of styles to help match a home, and there’s even support to turn your existing blinds into smart blinds with MySmartBlinds. Once you have these installed, the energy savings are real. Experts predict that energy savings can equal up to 20 percent less than your current cost to heat or cool a home. Less heat in the home from the sun requires less air conditioning, so it is no surprise there is a cost benefit with smart blinds. Also, controlling your blinds with your voice is just cool.


Saving on your electric and water bills isn’t something to view casually. Real money can be put back into your pocket. Selecting the right smart home products can be fun and doing the right research can help you understand if a product or device can help you save in the long run. With these tips, you are on your way to saving and will have more money for an extra protein shake, coffee or a night on the town.

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David Joz

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