Why Is My Amazon Echo Flashing? Your Guide to Echo’s Light Ring Colors

Amazon Alexa Echo Flashing

Is your Amazon Echo putting on a light show? Amazon’s digital assistant can display a range of colors, and every combination has a different meaning! Here we will explain exactly what each Amazon Echo light ring color means and what Alexa is trying to tell you.

A blue light with cyan pointing in your direction

A solid, dark blue ring with lighter cyan pointing in a steady direction indicates that Alexa has heard a command and is processing your query.

Your Amazon Echo device can show a range of colors, and color combinations.

If no one in the room has tried to get Alexa’s attention, then Alexa may have interpreted background noise as a wake word. If the blue and cyan light persists, you can cancel whatever operation Alexa is trying to process by saying: “Alexa, stop.” You might also want to change the wake word.

Alternating blue and cyan lights

A pulsing ring that alternates between blue and cyan indicates that Alexa is processing a request.

If Alexa displays blue and cyan lights but doesn’t say anything, then your device may be muted. To unmute Alexa, press the “Microphone” button on top of your Amazon Echo device.

Alternatively, the sound may be turned down so low that you can’t hear Alexa’s response. To increase the volume on your Amazon Echo, press its “+” button.

Depending on the request and the speed of your network, your Amazon Echo may take longer to process certain requests. However, if you suspect Alexa is stuck in a loop, you can cancel your request using the command: “Alexa, stop.”

A blue light and moving cyan

When Alexa is starting up, it’ll display a solid blue ring with a moving cyan light. If you didn’t initiate a restart, then Alexa may have restarted automatically, most commonly following a “brownout” where the power drops but doesn’t cut out completely.

If these lights persist, you may need to manually restart your device: remove it from the power source for three seconds and then re-attach it to the power source.

Regular, unexplained restarts can indicate a problem with your Echo’s power supply. If you’re using a power strip, you may get positive results by attaching your Amazon Echo directly to a power outlet.

Wherever possible, you should use the power cable that came with your Alexa-enabled device, as these tend to deliver the most reliable charge. If your cable has become lost or damaged, you can purchase an official replacement cable for your model of Amazon Echo.

A blinking yellow light

If the yellow ring light is blinking, then it means your Amazon Echo has something to tell you!

To hear your message, notification or reminder, say: “Alexa, read my messages,” or try asking: “Alexa, what are my notifications?

A spinning yellow light

If you see a spinning yellow light, your Amazon Echo is trying to connect to Wi-Fi.

If the spinning yellow light persists, check the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, as you may need to re-enter your Wi-Fi password:

1. Launch the Alexa app.

2. Along the bottom of the screen, give the “Devices” tab a tap.

If your Alexa glows yellow, then it's struggling to connect to the Wi-Fi.

3. Tap “Echo & Alexa.”

4. Select the Alexa-enabled device that’s displaying the spinning yellow light.

5. Find the “Wi-Fi Network” section and tap its accompanying “Change” label.

6. Specify the network you want to connect to and re-enter your password.

Alternatively, you may be able resolve connectivity issues by restarting your Amazon Echo.

A red light

A solid red light means you’ve muted your Amazon Echo.

If your Alexa-enabled device glows red, then it means you've muted your device.

To turn the sound back on, press the “Microphone” button on top of your Echo device.

A blinking green light

A pulsing green light indicates that you’re receiving a call.

To answer the call, just say: “Answer.” You can also ignore calls by saying: “Ignore.”

A spinning green light

A spinning green light indicates that you’re on a call. You can end the call by saying: “Alexa, hang up.

If accidentally accepting or making calls via Amazon Echo is a recurring problem, you can disable Alexa’s calling feature:

1. Launch the Alexa app.

2. Along the bottom of the screen, give the “Devices” tab a tap.

3. Tap “Echo & Alexa.”

4. Select the Alexa-enabled device where you want to disable calling.

5. Tap “Communication.”

Keep accidentally accepting or making calls? You can disable Amazon's calling feature, inside the Alexa app.

6. Find the “Calling & Messaging” slider and push it into the “Off” position.

You can disable calling and messaging for your Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Rinse and repeat for every Alexa-enabled device where you want to disable calling.

A blinking purple light

If your Amazon Echo is displaying a blinking purple ring light, then Alexa is struggling to connect to your Wi-Fi.

If your Amazon Echo glows purple, then it's experiencing connectivity issues.

To check your device’s Wi-Fi settings:

1. Launch the Alexa app.

2. Navigate to “Devices -> Echo & Alexa.” Select the Amazon Echo device in question.

3. Find the “Wi-Fi Network” section and tap its accompanying “Change” label.

You can now follow the onscreen instructions to test and rectify your connectivity issues.

Alternatively, you may be able resolve connectivity problems by restarting your Amazon Echo.

A single flash of purple

A flash of purple following an interaction with Alexa means you’ve enabled “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode.

To disable Do Not Disturb mode:

1. Launch the Alexa app.

2. Tap on “Devices -> Echo & Alexa.”

3. Select the Amazon Echo device that you’re experiencing issues with.

4. Tap “Do Not Disturb.”

Open the Amazon Alexa app and check that you haven't accidentally triggered Do Not Disturb.

5. Find the “Do Not Disturb” slider and drag it into the “Off” position.

An orange light

If your Alexa-enabled device is glowing orange, your device is experiencing a network connectivity issue. You should verify that your Wi-Fi is working correctly, either by checking your router or trying to connect to the Internet via an alternative Wi-Fi-enabled device.

A spinning white light

A moving white ring light indicates that the Alexa Guard security feature is active and currently set to “Away” mode. You can disable Alexa Guard by saying: “Alexa, I’m home.

Now that you know what each color means, it is time to find out which Amazon Echo model is for you.

Jessica Thornsby
Jessica Thornsby

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