9 Smart Hacks to Save Money on Amazon

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There are a few less obvious ways to lower prices on Amazon. Applied the right way, these smart hacks will save you money through a little bit of gazing around. Sometimes luck comes into play as well. All of the following tips and tricks are legitimate, safe to use, and proven to save money on Amazon.

1. Choose Products from Today’s Deals

On the top on most Amazon pages, you can view a link called “Today’s Deals.” True to its name, you get a whole bunch of useful merchandise at discounts. The collection is rather extensive, and includes electronics, musical instruments, headphones, clothing and costumes, computer parts, beauty products, and even a few grocery staples. Whether you’re looking for a cellphone charger, robot vacuum or seasoned pepper, browsing through Today’s Deals on Amazon feels somewhat like hitting the local flea market.

Where to find? On any Amazon page including the homepage, look for a “Today’s Deals” link at the top.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Todays Deals

2. Apply Amazon Coupons

From Today’s Deals, you can navigate to the “Coupons” section. This is another place to look for discounts on kitchen goods, smart home, personal care, fashion, and electronics. Clip a coupon to shave money off the cost. The coupon benefit will be visible during checkout subject to different terms and conditions regarding the purchase.

Where to find? Navigate to the “Today’s Deals” link from any page on Amazon. The link for “Coupons” is right next to it.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Coupons

3. Buy from Amazon Outlet

This one is for the real cheapskates among us. Sometimes online stores are in an overstock situation. Getting rid of the surplus goods is the only way to keep inventory fresh. On Amazon, you can find some great deals using an option called Amazon Outlet. You can access this via the Today’s Deals section by clicking on “Outlet” in the secondary navigation. Whether you’re looking to grab automotive parts and accessories, Levi’s jeans or a new pair of Oxfords, chances are some sellers are trying to get rid of exactly what you need.

Where to find? Navigate to the “Today’s Deals” link from any page on Amazon. The link for “Outlet” is near it.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Outlet

4. Choose Different Colors of the Same Product

Does a product strike you as too costly? In some product categories such as fashion and even electronics, wary consumers often pick great discounts by choosing identical products of different colors. This is really helpful to those buyers who prefer substance over form. The price differential can run steep for up to hundreds of dollars as we often see in the case of Nike’s Air Jordan’s. Since some consumers will indeed burn extra cash for the bold, metallic colors, you can get the exact same thing of a different color for far less.

Where to find? Once you search for something on the Amazon search bar, you may notice a color palette below the product image in a few cases. Click inside the product to check available price variations based on color.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Different Colors

Sponsored products are to eCommerce websites what checkout counter products are to supermarkets. Since all the online sellers are vying for your attention, it is a win-win when you don’t spend too much effort searching for the right product at its best price. To view sponsored products on Amazon, just go to any item and look at the bottom of the page. It is much easier to scroll left to right rather than going through a top to bottom list.

Where to find? Look for the text “Products related to this item” at the bottom of any product page you’re browsing.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Sponsored Products Related To Item

6. Apply Percentage Discounts After the URL

Applying percentage discounts after the URL is a bit of a hit and miss but is certainly worth a try when you’re looking for products that are guaranteed to carry discounts. Amazon does carry frequent discounts, but it may be difficult to browse them, as they remain hidden deep inside. Simply add the text &pct-off=%-% after the URL of a category to see all the products that are offering the percentage discount you need.

In the example below, the result page shows 10% to 20% discounts for wireless gaming keyboards. You can apply as many percentage discount points as you want, as long as there are products that operate within that range.

Where to find? Once the search results are shown using the Amazon search bar, add the text &pct-off=%-% at the end of URL on the address bar. Replace the % in the code with the discount range you’re looking for.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Percentage Discount Url

7. Use Price-Tracking Tools

Here is another way to get the best Amazon deal, although it requires the use of third-party tools. This is really useful if you can afford to wait a few days for a purchase or want to ensure that a current deal is the best. You can browse for these great deals using a price-comparison tool called CamelCamelCamel. You need to enter the Amazon product URL to see the historical pricing trends of the product and make a decision on whether to wait or buy.

Best Smart Hacks Camelcamelcamel

Keepa is another Amazon price tracker that has more detailed coverage of Amazon merchandise, but i’s a more massive collection compared to CamelCamelCamel.

Where to find? Check the website links for CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.

Best Smart Hacks Keepa

8. Check Offers on Used Products

While looking for a purchase on Amazon, you’re given the option to search for new and/or used merchandise. If you don’t mind buying used products, you can pick amazing bargains on them.

You’ll find a huge collection of pre-loved products on Amazon Warehouse, which you can access by clicking on “Today’s Deals -> Warehouse Deals.” This section is particularly useful for electronic appliances, unlocked cell phones, cameras and other gadgets. You may notice a tiny option next to the item called “XX number of used offers.” Sometimes the variation is huge.

Where to find? When you search for a product using the Amazon search box, look for filters on your left. Select “Used” in the “Condition” filter.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Used Items

9. Download Free Amazon eBooks

This one is for Kindle users. Who says you have to buy the eBooks at steep prices. There are many ways to access them at a discount or even free. Getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription opens the floodgates to tens of thousands of free books comprising classics, novels, and non-fiction. If it’s a more recent title, you might still find discounts, which makes this section a must-have on your Amazon reading list.

Where to find? Go to Kindle Books from any Amazon page. To uncover discounts, select filters such as “Kindle Unlimited Eligible.” To read free popular classics, go to the Kindle Store department. You can also get good discounts through “Kindle Book Deals” on your top right.

Best Smart Hacks Amazon Cheap Free Reads

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find more discounts and coupons?

You’ll find many third-party browser extensions to help you save cash while shopping online. One such option is Honey. It hooks you up with promotional coupons and discounts available for Amazon products.

2. What forms of payment are accepted on Amazon?

Amazon’s accepted payment modes are as diverse as the countries they’re operating in. In all countries, they accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, and American Express. You can also use a bank checking account for local Amazon purchases.

To keep with modern times, Amazon has started accepting online wallets that vary from country to country. For example, Amazon has started accepting Venmo as a checkout payment option for U.S.-based customers.

3. What are the best alternatives to Amazon?

While Amazon is a market leader in online commerce, it’s not the only one. You can opt for alternative online shopping options including Walmart, eBay, Thrive Market, and Newegg. These websites have their own Amazon-like features for product and discount searching.

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