4 Smart Gadgets to Keep Your Home Secure

4 Smart Gadgets To Keep Your Home Secure

Smart home gadgets are becoming more and more common, and everyone seems to be lured towards the convenience they offer. And rightly so, as being able to unlock your door with a tap on your smartphone or being able to remotely control your home lights and appliances is something that’s hard to pass up. If you are interested in smart gadgets, then you might like to secure your home with some smart security gadgets. Below we have listed four smart security gadgets that you can use to secure your home.

Warning: The convenience offered by smart security gadgets might seem enticing, but they can also be used against you. If a door can be remotely controlled or if a security system is based in the cloud, then this also means that it could get hacked if proper security measures are not taken. Don’t get lured by the security claims made by these gadgets and leave your whole house’s security solely on them. Do your research and make sure your security system is secured against getting hacked. I recommend you check out Miguel’s article about smart homes to get some insight on how to securely use these smart gadgets.

1. Piper

Piper comes with sensors, a surveillance system and a home automation system to offer an all-in-one security solution. Its camera offers 1080p immersive video recording with 180° view of the area – enough to cover the whole room. Furthermore, you can easily control the camera (pan, tilt and zoom) and watch live/recorded video remotely from anywhere on your smartphone (no monthly fee). Its sensors include Motion, Sound, Temperature, Humidity and Light that are good enough to ensure your house is safe from intruders and hazards.


Once it detects unusual activity, it sounds a 105db siren (louder than a jet’s sound 100 feet away) and notifies you via text, email and phone call. Its home automation allows you to control the temperature, set up window and door sensors for a security breach and control lights and appliances. Best of all, it comes with two-way audio communication so you can listen and talk to people/pets right from Piper.

Piper Classic costs $199.99. Some sensors and automation systems are sold separately or in bundles from Piper Store.

2. Kevo Smart Lock

Kevo is a convenient smart lock that will let you open your house door with just a tap on your phone. You can use Kevo app for Android and iOS to unlock your door with a Bluetooth signal or use a FOB to open the door with a tap if your smartphone isn’t supported. Kevo claims that the lock passes stringent key bumping, lock picking and physical security tests and uses encryption for digital security.


You can upgrade to Kevo Plus to remotely open the door from anywhere using an Internet connection and also get the current status of the door along with notifications for when the door is locked and unlocked. You can also give eKeys to trusted family members and friends to let them unlock or lock the door.

Kevo Smart Lock costs $199, and the Kevo Plus upgrade costs a one-time fee of $99.

3. SkyBell HD

Skybell HD is a video doorbell that focuses on making it easier to answer your door from anywhere, but in the process it also offers some reliable security features. It comes with a HD camera that lets you see who is at the door, and its two-way audio communication enables you to talk to them from anywhere with your smartphone and an Internet connection. Skybell can start monitoring when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, and you are notified on your smartphone. This allows you to see what is happening at your front door and also eliminates the risks of blindly answering the door. Thanks to its Color Night Vision, you are safe during both day and night times.


SkyBell HD will cost you $199 and it is only available for sale in the USA.

4. iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm is a set of security devices (sold separately) that you can use to secure almost every aspect of your house according to your needs. You are not forced to buy a full package – just buy what you need and leave the rest. Some of its notable devices includes an HD camera with night vision, 110db satellite siren, door and window sensors, lights and appliances controller and motion and temperature sensors. Furthermore, it also comes with a main control system to control all iSmartAlarm devices.


All iSmartAlarm devices are sold separately with different prices.


The above smart security devices should be enough to keep your home secure from theft and hazards. However these devices do have a risk of being compromised. You will have to keep many things secure while using these gadgets like your Wi-Fi connection, the gadget’s online account portal, your smartphone and also the gadget’s power supply, etc. If you are not tech savvy enough, then a “dumb” security system might be more secure for you than an out-of-control smart security gadget. Think about it: a smart security system will only require a tap after getting hacked to access your home. On the other hand, a 4-bolt reinforced steel lock with two physical keys will require the door to be taken down or at least an hour of physical lock picking.

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