SLR Camera Simulator: Simulate an SLR Camera With Various Picture Settings

camerasimDigital photography has quickly become a widely pursued hobby over the last few years. This has in turn brought new technologies to the SLR cameras. Modern digital SLR cameras come loaded with a plethora of advanced features such as adjusting the lighting, depth of field, focal length, shutter speed, and aperture settings. Of course, to let you control all these aspects, the camera needs to incorporate the latest technologies – technologies that are not cheap. This is precisely why modern DSLR cameras are quite expensive.

In addition to being expensive, these cameras are complicated to operate. Familiarizing yourself with the camera’s features and settings is not a walk in the park. And it becomes increasingly frustrating to struggle with something you spent a lot of money on. One way you could familiarize yourself quicker with your camera is to know how your adjusted settings will affect the final result: the pictures. This is something you can easily determine using “SLR Camera Simulator“.


SLR Camera Simulator is a free to use web tool that simulates the results of a digital SLR camera. The tool helps you to gain insight into how your adjusted camera options affect the end result – your photographs. By providing you with a moving picture and letting you adjust various photograph parameters such as brightness and aperture settings, the web app effectively serves its purpose.



One of the best features of SLR Camera Simulator is that you can start using it right after visiting the website. You do not need to register for any accounts or install anything; all you need to do is visit the site with a Flash-enabled web browser. There you will see a picture of a playground with a moving object. This moving object helps serve as a reference when you are trying to judge the photo results.


Under this picture, you will find the adjustable controls. These controls correspond to various settings on a SLR camera.


These controls let you adjust the SLR’s lighting levels, distance from object, lens’s focal length, ISO value, aperture settings, and shutter speeds. While selecting between the aperture or shutter properties, you will first need to set a priority using the buttons located in the center. Your adjusted settings appear under the photograph digitally as they normally would on the display of a DSLR.


When you are ready, you can click on the “Snap Photo” button located at the most-right of the controls section.


This action will take a snapshot of the photograph and display it to you in the same interface. By looking at the results, you can judge if the settings you selected have the effect you desired. To better understand what each of the settings mean, you can scroll down the website and find definitions of each SLR control.



For a free web tool, SLR Camera Simulator is an excellent web tool. The options present on the site will be greatly made use of by amateur photographer who are about to purchase a DSLR or have freshly done so. One feature that the site should incorporate is let users download the images they create easily. However, even without this feature the site is an invaluable learning resource for amateur photographers.

SLR Camera Simulator


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