SlowPal: Browse Your PayPal Transaction History Without Waiting

speedy-paypalPayPal seems to offer a brilliant service as long as you are ready to put up with its outlandish rules. You can use it to pay and receive online payment, and you can view the history to check your transaction record. However, long time users will notice that viewing the Paypal history is often a slow, laggy and a sub-optimal experience. SlowPal is one solution for this.

SlowPal offers a smart interface to handle and browse your PayPal history. Sign up for a free account and link your PayPal account. Once you are done, you will have to wait for sometime until you get a confirmation mail from the service that your account history (PayPal) is successfully imported. Once the account is set up, log in again to access the PayPal transaction in a seamless manner.


The spiffy interface is itself a relief to the eye as compared to the dull Paypal interface. In addition, the tool also offers a nice interactive way to browse through your PayPal transactions. The reports are categorized in a considerable manner so that you can sort your transaction in all possible ways you might need to. There are 5 types of filters you can choose from to look out for transactions you wish to find:

  1. Type of transaction: Here you get to choose from various types of transaction you have carried out through your PayPal account. Options are bills, currency conversion, payment, recurring payment etc.
  2. Status of Payment: The payment status is an useful feature to check on pending transactions.
  3. Currency: Intelligent way to track currency conversion rates to your country currency used by Paypal for different transactions.
  4. Time period: A monthly or quarterly report can be generated with this time span feature.
  5. Additional filter: You can type in a keyword or a payee name to accurately search any transaction.

All the transactions are neatly tabulated with key attributes which include timestamp, type, email, name, transaction ID, currency, status, amount, fee and net payment. Clicking on the transaction ID opens up a popup with details of the element. You can also sort the transaction based on all the aforementioned attributes by clicking any of them. There is also an option to download your PayPal account history in CSV format which is useful for having better insights on your business by creating better charts with the data.

When it’s money or data, security is a major concern. And being online means you will do everything to protect your online money transactions. So you might be a little concerned if SlowPal is reliable or not. The tool is completely built on PayPal API and all your data on PayPal is imported using SSL. You can rest assured your data will be in safe hands. Nevertheless you can always revoke the permission from Paypal (My Account -> Profile -> My Account Settings -> More account settings -> Service providers -> Click remove beside the service you wish to stop authorizing). SlowPal is for companies or individuals with a lot of transactions to monitor. However, I would recommend general PayPal user to use the in-built account history manager as long as you don’t desperately in need of a faster way to browse through your transaction history.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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