Skitch Is Going Away – Here Are Its Alternatives


On 22nd January 2016, we will have to say goodbye to the beloved screenshot and editing app, Skitch. It might not affect a huge number of people, but still it may lower the eyebrows of over 10 million users, including mine. As a tech writer, Skitch has been my photo editing companion for almost two years and fulfilled all needs of my instruction-based articles.

Evernote will be closing Skitch on Windows, Windows Touch, iOS and Android, but the Mac version will stay for an officially unknown reason. Just like me, there will be many other Skitch users who will be looking for an alternative. That is why I have compiled a list of good Skitch alternatives which I have found while searching for the best Skitch alternative.

1. PicPick – Skitch Alternative for Windows

PicPick might be the best alternative to Skitch for Windows users. I downloaded Skitch and PicPick side by side, and have been using PicPick for all my screenshot taking needs and Skitch for editing (due to its simplicity). PicPick is actually much more advanced and feature-rich than Skitch, but when it comes to simplicity, Skitch wins.


If you like loads of screenshot-taking and editing options, then it will be a pleasing upgrade from Skitch. All its features are available in both paid and free versions, but the free version can only be used for personal use. The paid version (lifetime access for $24.99) will get you automatic updates, technical support, no ads, and wI’ll allow ou to use it in a commercial environment.

It can take multiple types of screenshots, including Full-Screen, Active Window, scrolling Window, FreeHand, Fixed Region and more. Its editing features include draw on photo, fill photo with a color, add text, add stamps like arrows/numbers/cross/question mark, and add different effects and shapes. This is just the basics; it has tons of other features for graphic designers and regular photo editors. I will have to write up a separate post just to cover everything, so for now you will have to try it to see what it holds.

2. Screenshot Ultimate – Skitch Alternative for Android

This is a great screenshot-taking app for Android users that also comes with reliable editing options. Screenshot Ultimate is completely free, but you will have to deal with ads like most other free apps. App offers sixteen ways to take a screenshot: shake, voice, widget, camera button, power connect/disconnect and webserver to name a few.


Once a screenshot or multiple screenshots are taken, you can quickly edit them at the same time. Editing tools include the ability to draw, crop, add text, rotate, change colors, overlay an image and add different effects. The edited pictures can then be shared over social media websites and other websites like Imgur or even sent to anyone via email. You will need to have Android 4.0 or above to use it; older OS users will have to use a companion PC app to enable screenshots (no root required).

3. Monosnap – Skitch Alternative for Windows, OS X and iOS

This is a simple, yet powerful, screenshot-taking and editing tool. Monosnap is almost free to use with the only paid option being the ability to use side services like Dropbox (which not every user may need). It will let you take a screenshot of the full screen, a window or a specific region. You can configure hotkeys for screenshots and also take timed screenshots.


Its editing options are similar to Skitch, including draw, add text, add arrows, add different shapes and blur desired areas. The screenshots can be shared over social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and can be emailed as well. Furthermore, the images can be saved in local storage, Monosnap’s cloud storage or even your favorite cloud storage service (paid feature).

4. Greenshot – An Open-Source Skitch Alternative for Windows

Greenshot is a free open-source screenshot-taking and image-editing tool for Windows. Just like PicPick, it is a feature-rich tool with tons of options and customization capability. You can take different types of screenshots, like full screen, window, region, window list and more. When a screenshot is taken, it can be usee directly in supported apps like Microsoft Office products, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Paint, Imgur, clipboard, and of course Greenshot Image editor.


Greenshot Image editor has tons of options; some of them include draw, add arrows, blur, crop, add multiple effects, add shapes, highlight and more. The edits made can also be customized such as size, direction and style, etc. The tool itself is highly customizable with options for both novice and expert users.


Taking down Skitch is bad news for many users, but the above mentioned software should help keep your work going or may even make you more productive. I think I will resort to PicPick for my editing needs, but Monosnap seems like a good simple alternative as well. If you know any other good Skitch alternatives, let us know in the comments.

Karrar Haider

Karrar is drenched in technology and always fiddles with new tech opportunities. He has a bad habit of calling technology “Killer”, and doesn't feel bad about spending too much time in front of the PC. If he is not writing about technology, you will find him spending quality time with his little family.

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