4 Sites to Use Stable Diffusion Online

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It's one thing to know how to run Stable Diffusion on your computer to create AI generated images, but it's another thing to have the hardware to run it. Luckily, if you don't have the GPU power to rev up Stable Diffusion on your own computer, you can always use these sites to use Stable Diffusion right on your browser!

Tip: Check out these photo editors that use AI to enhance your images.

1. Prodia - Best for Prompt Practice

Pricing: Free / $4.99 (Pro) / $19.99 (Pro+)

Prodia might look basic, but it's a reliable site that lets you generate images on the fly. It has everything you need to make an image from a prompt, then tweak your seed and prompt until you get the image you want. The best thing about this site is that you can generate images with a variety of Stable Diffusion models for free and without limit - making it a good tool to practice prompt writing.

App Prodia Com Ai Generate Anime Girl And German Shepherd Image Screenshot


  • Fast generations even while using the free tier
  • Has great anime models


  • Does not let you upload reference photos
  • Limited to up to only 30 generation steps

2. Dream Studio - Has a Little Bit of Everything

Pricing: $1 per 100 credits, minimum of $10

Dream Studio gives you a taste of everything that Stable Diffusion can do. It lets you make style changes, image enhancement, and even use an AI filler that shows what could be sitting right outside your photo. This way, you can have at least some access to all of Stable Diffusion's advanced features.

Dreamstudio Ai Image Editor Using Image Enhance On German Shepherd Image Screenshot


  • Lets you upload a reference photo
  • Free 100 credits
  • Lets you generate up to 150 steps


  • Has limited selection of AI models
  • Image editing is not intuitive

Tip: If what you need is a vector image, you can use these graphics editors to easily create vector images.

3. Hotpot - Best at Editing

Pricing: Free / $50 per month (5000 credits per month) / $500 per year (5000 credits per month) / $500 per year (5000 credits per month)

Unlike most of the other sites that run Stable Diffusion in this list, Hotpot focuses on pre-built AI editing tools that you can use to upscale, erase, or colorize photos. You can also use it to generate images based on reference photos. This way, you can finally make all the consistent cover images for your Evil Mario AI fanfic that hopefully doesn't stray too far from the source material.

Hotpot Ai Image Editor Using Object Remover On German Shepherd Image Screenshot


  • Lets you generate 500 images in one go
  • Pick a style without having to worry about models


  • Editor has no undo function
  • Does not let you pick models at all

4. Catbird - Best Selection of AI Models

Pricing: Free / $8 per month (Premium) / $24 per month (Pro)

If you thought Prodia had a lot of models already, take a look at Catbird. It's got at least 58 models, all divided into 6 genres to give you an idea over what they do. Plus, it lets you save the prompt and settings you used for generating an image you've saved into your account.

Catbird Ai Generate German Shepherd Image Screenshot


  • Lets you generate unlimited times for free
  • Chill mode lets you save on credit


  • Mixing multiple models is almost impossible to use at free tier
  • Does not let you upload reference photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to buy a GPU to run Stable Diffusion?

The more important thing here is the VRAM. If your GPU doesn't have enough VRAM, expect a terribly slow generation with Stable Diffusion.

Why don't web apps that use Stable Diffusion allow importing of models?

The main reason why they don't lets you upload custom models is that these models can get pretty big. A single model alone can take tens or hundreds of gigabytes of storage. Now imagine thousands of people logging in to generate a single image from some obscure model - that's going to take up bandwidth and disk space pretty quick.

Why does Catbird take so long to generate images?

The first reason is that you might be mixing too many models. Try to reduce these, especially when you're using it at Chill Mode. The other is that there just might be too many users generating things at the same time, so it might be best to take another go at another time.

What diffusion model should I use for generating anime characters on Prodia?

On Prodia, you can use Anything V3, V4.5, and V5 to generate anime-style characters. Of these, Anything V5 has the best anime-looking style with crisp colors and contrast. Anything V3, on the other hand, has a more dreamy characteristic. You'll see more of that dreaminess on Anything V4.5.

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