Simple Firefox Tips and Tricks (Some of Which You Might Not Know…)

1) Drag and drop

There are many things that you can drag and drop in Firefox.

  • Drag the favicon of any site to your home icon to set it as the home page.
  • Drag a hyperlink (or image) to the new tab icon to open the link in a new tab.
  • Drag a download link (or image file) to the download icon to instantly download the file.
  • Drag a highlighted word to the search bar (beside the address bar) will bring you to the Google search result page for that word. If you drag the highlighted word to the address bar (and press enter), Firefox will perform a Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” search

2) Keyboard shortcut

Other than the usual shortcut keys such Ctrl + T:open new tab, Ctrl + N: open new window etc, here are some not-so-well-known, but useful, shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl + Enter: Insert www and .com to the address bar. If you enter “about” in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter, the browser will load the “” page
  • Ctrl + +/- : Increase/decrease the font size
  • Spacebar: Page down, same function as pressing “Pg Dn” (This is one great shortcut key that I didn’t know till now…think I should just bang my head to the wall)
  • Shift + Spacebar: Page up, same function as pressing “Pg Up”
  • Alt + Enter: Duplicate the current tab

3) Mouse shortcut

  • Ctrl + scroll up/down: Increase/decrease the font size (same as the Ctrl ++/-)
  • Click a hyperlink with the middle button (or scrollwheel) opens the link in a new tab
  • Shift + scroll up/down: Navigate between the next and previous page

4) Bookmark keyword search

If you set a keyword for your bookmark, you can easily open the bookmark simply by typing the keyword in the address bar.

To set keywords for your bookmark, right click the bookmark and select properties. You should see a ‘keyword‘ field where you can enter your keyword.

5) about:config

There are tons of configuration that you can edit to tweak the browser performance. Type about:config in the address bar to show the configuration.

6) Restoring Toolbar configuration after Firefox crashes

If your Firefox crashes and you find that all your toolbars setting are jumbled up or not displayed properly (especially the web developer toolbar), just go to View-> Toolbars -> Customize. Select “Restore Default Set”. Everything will be restored to the default state.