Sikur Phone Manufacturer Creating Mobile-Banking Platform and App Store

More and more people are turning to mobile banking because of its convenience, but there’s one thing holding others back, and that’s the fear of lack of security. Sikur, the manufacturer of security-focused phones, has a solution. They’re putting together the security they’re already known for and mobile banking. They’ve also added an Android play store that is more secure than Google Play.

Sikur Software Development Kit

Sikur introduced a software development kit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this week. This is just an extension of the security they’re already known for. While in the past they have been known for delivering security-focused hardware and software to provide and all-in-one solution, now they are focused on creating a platform for other phone makers.

The company unveiled their own mobile-banking platform on Tuesday. It’s designed to make use of the user-friendly features of digital banking apps that already exist with their own premium security features. They want to protect users from the failings of current financial apps and POS data breaches.

They’re definitely hitting on a need in the market. Last year it was predicted that 40 percent of the world’s population will be accessing mobile banking by the end of the year. This includes people using digital means provided by the banks themselves, as well as mobile banking platforms.

“People are moving from the traditional banks and this kind of platform, so you can easily open your account and do all the transactions as you do in a regular and traditional bank,” said Sikur CEO Alexandre Vasconcelos.

His company wants to put it all together for us. While last year they presented the “unhackable” phone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, they realized they could load that software on to other phones, to allow them the same banking and security.


Sikur hopes to deliver their services through partnerships with carriers. They plan to release a software development kit that will allow carriers to develop their own banking apps with their secure technology. They will start with carriers in Brazil, then hope to move to Europe and the United States as well.

Additionally, they plan to offer the Sikur App Store. There have been so many problems with developers pushing Android apps with security flaws or malicious code, that they’ll use their security to address that.

“We are building our own store when we do all the security verifications apps right before publishing them,” explained Vasconcelos.

Users, meaning business and governments that want to keep their employees’ devices secure, can create their own app stores and fill them with apps that Sikur has already screened for security.

Starting with Security

What seems to set Sikur apart more than anything else is that they are starting with a security platform and then applying it to different sources, rather than starting with a phone, banking, or a mobile app store, and then adding the security in.

Do you think this business plan for security will be more successful? Would this help you feel more secure about mobile banking? Let us know how you feel about Sikur’s plan for a mobile banking software development kit as well as mobile app store in the comments below.

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