How to Sign Out of the Twitter App in iPad [Quick Tips]

Are you using the Twitter for iPad app and wondering how to sign out of your Twitter account? This can be an issue if you close one of your Twitter accounts and want it removed from your device, or if you have a friend that uses your iPad and signs into their own account on your device.

You would think that there would be an option to sign out from within the Twitter app, but there isn’t.¬†Unfortunately, you can’t just sign out of a Twitter account; you can only delete your account. This means that if you ever want to sign back into it, you’ll have to add it back to your iPad.

So here’s how to sign out of the Twitter app on an iPad.

The iOS Settings icon.1. Go to Settings on your device.

If you’re new to the iPad, the Settings icon looks like the image to the left.

2. In Settings, find Twitter in the left menu; it’s right between the¬†iBooks and Facebook menus.

3. Tap on Twitter and you should see your account listed on the right. If you have more than one account, they’ll all be listed here.

The Twitter menu in iOS settings.

4. Tap on the account that you want to sign out of and on the next screen, tap on the “Delete Account” button.

Delete your Twitter account on your iPad.

That’s it. The account is removed and you’ll no longer be signed in to it.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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