How to Show the Speed Limit on Google Maps

Show Speed Limit Google Maps Hero

We’ve all found ourselves in the uncertain position where we don’t quite know what the rules are for a local road. No, we’re not talking about knowing which side of the road to drive on – that should be a given (we hope) – but things like speed limits.

Google Maps has a feature that lets you see speed limits in over 40 countries worldwide.

A lot of countries have been added to the list of those that now have speed limit data, so instead of listing them here, we’ll just point you to this Google Maps developer page so that you can check whether your Google Maps can access this data where you live.

For those of you in one of the above countries, here’s how to bring up the speed limit when you’re using Google Maps navigation.

1. Open Google Maps on your device, press your profile icon at the top-right corner, then Settings.

Show Speed Limit Google Maps Settings

2. Tap Navigation settings, scroll down to “Driving options,” then switch the slider to “On” (so that it’s blue).

Show Speed Limit Google Maps Speed Limits

3. For extra guidance, you can also switch on the Speedometer option underneath that, right next to the speed limit you’re currently traveling. It saves you having to look between your dashboard and your phone screen all the time.

Google Maps is steadily becoming more Waze-like since acquiring the nifty sat-nav company, and along with the speed limits option, your navigation will also tell you when you’re approaching those pesky speed traps.

For more Google Maps tricks, here are the various ways you can save a route in Google Maps. Or if you’ve had enough of Google’s app, see this list of Google Maps alternatives.

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