How to Show Passwords in Firefox

How To Show Passwords In Firefox

On the Internet, almost all member-based websites require a username and password to log in. While login systems are necessary to ensure security, some might find that creating and remembering a lot of login passwords can be a challenge. Password fields, or the text field where a password is entered, display dots or asterisks rather than the characters you type, so your password is safe from being seen by others.

While this method offers more security and privacy, there might be instances when you want to see what you’re typing to be sure you’re typing the correct password. There is no way to do this in a typical password field other than actually looking at the keys as you type them.

If you’re secure with your work area and you’re sure no one else can see your password on the screen, then you can try installing a Firefox add-on called Show Password Field. This add-on allows you to temporarily see your password as you type it in the password field on the screen.

First, you’ll need to install the add-on.

After the add-on is installed, it is automatically activated. You do not need to restart Firefox.

Once you click on a password field and start typing, you will see the characters instead of the dots or asterisks. As you type or hover your mouse over the field, the password stays visible.

You will see the characters instead of the dots or asterisks

When you remove the cursor or mouse pointer from the password field, the password is hidden by the usual dots or asterisks.

By default, the delay to hide the password is set to two seconds, but this can be changed by going to the add-on’s Settings page.

To do this, click on the right-most button at the top of the browser. Click on “Add-ons” to go to the Add-ons Manager. On the Extensions tab, find “Show Password Field.” Click the “More Options” button beside the add-on. You should see the Settings page for the add-on.

 Settings page for the Show Password Settings add-on.

Here you can change the delay time before showing the password as well as the delay time before hiding the password. Click the up or down arrow beside the number to increase or decrease the time. The number indicated is in seconds.

If you want the password shown or hidden as soon as you click on or away from the password field, then you can set the time options to zero seconds.

You can also change the font color and background of the password when in visible mode. If you do this, do make sure that the box beside “Custom field colors” is checked.

Show Password Field is a clever add-on for those who don’t always remember their passwords, or those who simply want to see what they’re typing. It’s a great solution to use without compromising privacy and security. With the customizable time settings, a user can control how long passwords are shown. This makes login problems a lot easier for those who find it a challenge. It’s a simple, yet handy add-on that solves a serious problem.

Kim Barloso
Kim Barloso

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