How to Show Notifications in the Lockscreen in Android

If you choose to lockdown your Android phone, either with the password or pattern security, you will find that accessing your notifications can be quite a hassle. Android doesn’t show notification on the lockscreen by default and you have to unlock the phone everytime to be able to access the notifications. Won’t it be great if you can view notifications directly in the lock screen and take necessary actions in it, without unlocking the phone?

NiLS Notifications Lock Screen is an Android app that can show notification in the lockscreen. It is, in fact, a widget that you add to your lockscreen and it checks and displays notifications on the lockscreen. NiLS Notification LockScreen only works for handset with Android 4.2 and above.

1. Install NiLS Notification Lock Screen from the Play Store. It is currently in beta version, but it has been working fine on my phone without any issue.

2. Open the NiLS app and click the first “Service” option to activate the service.


3. Next, lock your phone and turn it back on again to reach the lockscreen. Click the “+” button to add the notification widget. Ideally, you would want to remove the default clock widget and replace it with this notification widget, so that your notification will show up in the first screen. If you want, you can also swipe left/right to reveal empty area to add the notification widget.

4. Once you have added the widget, it will start to show your notification in the lockscreen.



To configure the appearance of the notification, you can go back to its app and select the “Widget” option. Here you can configure the appearance of the clock as well as the notification widget. You can make the notification small, normal or large and even add a “Clear All” button to get rid of all the notifications at once.




NiLS Notifications Lock Screen is a simple app that does simple thing, but filled a gap that is sorely missed in Android. Until Google decide to add this feature to the Android core, this is one useful app that you can use to show notification in your lockscreen.

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